Season 3, Episode 6

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
The Ave is the unique store that allows people to create their own t-shirts, shoes, hats, tote bags, hoodies, etc using an online interface and patented mechanical process. Since April of last year, The Ave has grossed over $315,000, and garnered a lot of street cred with celebrities. Wait 'til you see The Ave create custom Shark Tank shoes in minutes! 

Need to feed your pets on the road? Barkems are a single serving of pet food and vitamin water. This revolutionary product will make it easier for people to travel with their pets while on vacation or while hiking. There is nothing on the market that holds food and water together. Blake needs help from the sharks to manufacture his one-of-a-kind product and have it on shelves nationwide. 

Everyone loves beer. Everyone loves ice cream. So why not combine the two? This delicious beer infused ice cream is currently being sold as a wholesale product to local restaurants, pubs and ice cream shops around New England. But these ice cream makers are ready to dive into the retail market and play with the big boys. They recently closed a deal to sell at Whole Foods, but due to lack of funds are unable to fill the orders. A $200,000 investment would enable The Brewer's Cow brand to expand and be distributed on a national level. 

Safety gear is essential when riding a motorcyle or scooter, but can't it be stylish, too? Hence, Desiree and Arlene and their GoGo Gear -- cutting-edge fashion combined with interior engineering of abrasion-resistant fabric, CE approved armor for back, shoulders, and elbows. The international market is going gaga over this GoGo Gear and it's time for the riders of the US to look just as good. Desiree and Arlene believe in their product to the tune of $400K of their own money invested.