Season 3, Episode 7

By | Jul 25th, 2013
Steve Gadlin is a savvy graphic designer who saw a market for stupid. Users visit his website, and for just $9.95, he'll draw a picture of any cat you describe. Yep, it's as simple as that. The simple, silly business plan costs next to nothing to execute and has already made Steve $10,000. With help from the Sharks he hopes to increase profit margins even more, and hopes that something that started as a sociological experiment could turn into a serious money-making business.

The Salespreneur is a simple and easy to follow step-by-step program designed to teach people how to be great sales people. With $40,000 in sales for 2010, David Greco is looking for help from the Sharks to turn his program into a smart phone application and to expand his brand worldwide.

Cutting celery with a knife? Easy. Throwing the ace of spades fast enough to cut celery? Easy‚Ķ if you're Rick Smith, Jr. This former college baseball player and lifelong, professional magician is the Guinness World Record for card throwing, and performs his card-throwing tricks all across the country. Rick hopes the Sharks will be dazzled and delighted his tricks enough to invest in him to become the next Las Vegas act magician sensation!

All American Donny McCall has designed the patented made-in-America Invis-A-Rack, the most innovative cargo management system for pick-up trucks ever developed. This collapsible truck track can be unfolded in seconds to carry everything from kayaks, to ladders, to lumber. Since starting his business last September, Donny has grossed over $40,000 with no marketing, and Donny knows that's just the tip of the iceberg. Fresh off his win for Best New Product of the Year for 2010 from Popular Mechanics, Donny and Invis-A-Rack are primed for their next move.