Season 3, Episode 8

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
When Brenda opened her first cookie store in 1985 at the age of 21, she had no idea just how successful and popular her delicious treats would become. With 12 retail stores, 8 in Indiana and 4 in Florida, Blondie's Cookies grossed approximately $2.2 million last year! The secret behind their cookies? They are baked from scratch everyday. Blondie's Cookies have successfully displaced several of their competitors in Indiana, including Mrs. Fields and Cheryl's Cookies. With a $250,000 investment from the sharks, Brenda will be able to increase product development, expand to other states and larger corporate companies and become the next Mrs. Fields. 

Last season, James Martin turned-down Kevin O'Leary's lucrative offer to buy his patented, portable, plastic wine in a cup business. James knew his business was more than just an IP, and now he can prove it, his company grossed $5 million last year. He's coming back to the Sharks to offer them the proverbial second bite of the apple… and offer them one more chance to buy into his wine business – this time at a higher price. 

Mark Sullivan is a MENSA member a scientist whose idea is either brilliant or…mad. Mark has conceptualized the Sullivan Generator… a 100 foot tall structure that creates and harnasses a mini-hurricane to generate electricity by pumping ocean water through it! But that's not all, the waste products created by his generator are fresh water for drinking, and tons and tons of GOLD!

Third year medical school drop-out Ben Wood traded in his stethoscope for a sweat soaked t-shirt and he has zero regrets about it. He is now running View Sport, an athletic apparel line with sweat activated technology; the harder you exercise, the more you sweat… and that is when the magic happens. A motivational message, an image, or even a logo will appear as if out of nowhere as you work on your fitness. Ben is super smart, young, is always working up a sweat pushing his business. This technology is patented and is already a proven money maker. Currently seeing sales of over $10,000/month.