Season 3, Episode 9

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
No more sagging skin! Penelope and her husband Nick have created an innovative solution for younger, firmer, tighter, and healthier cellulite-free looking skin in an instant. A great alternative to traditional shape-wear, this patented product is breathable, quick and easy to apply and durable enough to last all day. Just peel off the adhesive back, place on the desired area and lift, no one will even know its there. There is no other product like Instant Lift on the market. 

Miso Media has developed a patented software program, and the corresponding iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app, that helps any aspiring or accomplished musician hone their craft. Think Guitar Hero, but with real notes, real instruments, real music, and real learning. Getting into the ever-expanding digital music market of a $9B music education field is a smart move, especially when you have such a revolutionary product as the Miso Music app. Miso is so good, that Justin Timberlake and Google have already invested. Will the Sharks be next? 

Stephan Aarstol, the maker of Tower Paddle Boards, might look the part, but he's no surf bum. The business savvy entrepreneur (MBA from University of San Diego) is an expert in online marketing and entirely comfortable with public speaking and communicating with VC's. Tower Paddle boards sells their boards directly to the consumer, cutting out the middle man and drastically reducing the price of the board for the consumer. 

A waiter by trade, Gary has poured too many glasses of wine in his time. Hoping to get out of the waiter business, he created the Vinamor. It lets wine breathe at a much faster rate than previously thought possible. Gary has grossed over $40,000 just by using the Vinamor at his day job! With the Sharks help he'll be able to mass produce his Vinamor and start distributing it to other restaurants, and retail stores, around the country.