Season 4, Episode 13

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
It all started a couple of years ago by full time stay-at-home Mom turned entrepreneur Susie Taylor. After a long and messy plane ride with her two boys, Susie realized that her husband's shirt was the only thing that had remained fresh and clean. So she declared war on mess and set out to find a better solution to this age-old problem. In true entrepreneurial spirit, Susie combined an unbeatable fabric with a cleverly designed silhouette— and Bibbitec, the Ultimate Bib was born. Since then, several innovative products have been added to the collection, all of which are proudly made right here in the USA. This patented, multi-tasking Ultimate Bib serves as the catch all in your diaper bag; at home, it delivers cleanliness and ease like nothing else. Its many functions make bibbitec a must-have for Moms, Dads, Grandparents and babysitters alike. It may be used as a burp cloth, nursing cover, stroller blanket, art smock, "lapkin" and apron. Bibbitec is odor and water resistant, non-toxic and machine washable. Essentially, it's the only bib one will ever need. Bibbitec is offered in two sizes; bibbitec Mini (newborn-9 months) and bibbitec Ultimate (up to age six). Both the Mini and the Ultimate are available at www.bibbitec.com. A wide variety of colors are available in each size. 

With Cuddletunes, caring adults can record loving messages and stories, in their own voices, for their little one to hear every night on the super cuddly Cuddletunes Bear. The Cuddletunes Bear has a real MP3 player and speakers sewn right inside! Play any MP3 music, plus your own recordings that you create using the super easy Cuddletunes web site. With MP3 lullabies and the reassuring sound of your own voice, Cuddletunes keeps families closer and makes bedtime easy and fun! 

SoundBender is a Magnetic Sound Amplifier for iPad 2, iPad 3, & iPad 4. It's great for presentations, on the go, movie night, or anytime. With no need for cumbersome wires or any power-source, SoundBender is truly a must have. It instantly improves your iPad sound, clarity and amplification! Try it once and you will never want to be without it! It works with all cases that have the area for the speaker open and clear and the Magnetic technology keeps the SoundBender from falling off… it also will put your iPad to sleep just like the Smart Cover! REFLECT YOUR SOUND TO THE MAX WITH SoundBender!