Season 4, Episode 14

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
Coffee Joulies are highly engineered thermal devices that cool coffee to the perfect temperature faster, storing the extra heat inside. Then they release that heat back into your coffee keeping it the perfect temperature longer. Coffee Joulies are made in the USA of the highest grade of stainless steel used in silverware production, are filled with a food-grade phase change material, and then tested with a NASA-grade helium leak tester. They are guaranteed for life. 

Teddy Needs a Bath!® is the first cotton washer and dryer bag. It's great for all dedicates but marketed specifically for cleaning stuffed animals. The company mission is to shed light on the importance of washing stuffed toys while providing an easy and effective solution to the problem. There are several new additions to the line that get children excited to wash their fuzzy friends, rather than prying them away for wash time. Get yours now at www.teddyneedsabath.com 

Sub Zero Ice Cream is an extreme frozen dessert shop that makes custom, made-to-order ice cream or yogurt right in front of your eyes, without a single freezer! With the science of cryogenics and help from liquid nitrogen, Sub Zero can freeze personalized ice cream right in front of the customer in 15 seconds. There is no fresher product. Since it's not frozen yet, the customer chooses everything about their product, from any combinations of flavors right down to how creamy and rich they would like it. This is ice cream to the extreme, Wow factor included! When science and cream mix, you have Sub Zero Ice Cream! 

Urbio is a fun new company bringing indoor gardening and home/office organization to design-focused apartments, flats, lofts, houses, offices, and more! Created by Enlisted Design, Urbio is a vertical solution that maximizes wall space to help people grow their own indoor garden, or to organize their office, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom space with award-winning design. The modularity of Urbio allows each person the ability to arrange it according to his or her living space. Each vessel is embedded with strong neodymium magnets that enable them to attach to the Urbio Wall Plates, or any ferrous metallic surface. It is our goal to bring space saving solutions to the urban dweller.