Season 4, Episode 17

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
Baby Loves Disco is the original family dance party that features real DJS, playing real music at real nightclubs....during the day! We child-proof each venue, set up chill out zones, arts and crafts areas, family photo booths, face-painters and put together a heathy spread of snacks PLUS al the juice you can drink for the kids and a cash-bar for the non-driving parents. But our favorite thing to do at Baby Loves Disco is dance and there's lots of contests, lessons and more. Since 2005 we've been throwing these parties around the world, winning all kinds of awards and helping bring families of all colors, shapes and sizes together. 

After failed attempts to create the most indestructible iPhone case, cellhelmet decided to do things in a new and unique manner. Cellhelmet cases are the first and only to included accidental damage coverage. Break a device inside of a cellhelmet case and the company will repair or replace it. All you pay is a $50 handling fee. The company is based 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA, which also happens to be where cellhelmet iPhone cases are manufactured. The company also manufactures cellhelmet Screen Protectors, which protect devices from scratches. 

CordaRoy's Beanbags - "There's a BED inside"! When CordaRoy's founder, Byron Young, decided to start making foam-filled beanbags in 1998, his garage would become his first factory. An accidental discovery would become the company's biggest asset when one day he decided to make the inside liner rectangular instead of round. That simple formula would become the patented "bed inside" of all CordaRoy's Beanbags. The company's commitment to providing quality products backed with a lifetime warranty and impeccable customer service has made CordaRoy's a brand people trust. 

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