Season 4, Episode 3

By ABC.com | Jun 24th, 2013
Liz Lovely was created by high school sweethearts and entrepreneurs Liz & Dan Holtz to bring you cookies with a higher purpose. Liz Lovely Gluten Free & Vegan Cookies are a pure indulgence with a social conscience, made with 100% natural ingredients in our artisan bakery in the Green Mountains of Vermont. 

ROCK BANDS® by Lee Dahlberg are unique handmade pieces of jewelry created by taking stones with healing properties and placing them on fine leather bands. A little deeper then just a "Rock" on a "Band", each ROCK BAND® comes with their stone's meaning mixing a little science, a little folklore and some spirituality. ROCK BANDS® also come in a backstage equipment case and make unusual gifts for all ages. 

FuzziBunz Modern Cloth diapers are a 100% reusable diapering system that are easy to use and easy to wash at home. Families save on average $2500 on their diapering costs compared to disposables which are costly and take 400 years to decompose in landfills. FuzziBunz keep babies feeling drier and more comfortable with less diaper rash, which is why they were created 12 years ago by Tereson Dupuy, a stay at home mom and mother of three. FuzziBunz are known as the "Gold Standard" in cloth diapering and come in all sizes, a "One Size" and an assortment of trendy colors. 

More than ever we're hunched over our computers and mobile devices and poor posture has become an epidemic. Good posture can make you look thinner, taller and more confident. Finally, there's a quick, easy and effective way to improve your posture. PostureNOW.