Season 4, Episode 4

By | Jun 24th, 2013
We believe food can take you to a different place and a different time. Whether it´s back to your childhood, on a vacation, or tailgating with friends; we want to take you there. We pride ourselves on our line of Bubba dips and service because it is our passion to take you to YOUR Back 9!

The Lifter Hamperâ„¢ is not your ordinary laundry hamper. This innovative laundry hamper allows it to drop down with the weight of laundry and rise to the top as laundry is removed. The Lifter Hamperâ„¢ makes that backbreaking chore easy to do. Once you've tried the Lifter Hamper you'll never want to go back to your old laundry hamper.

BagBowl gives structure to the ubiquitous zipper bag allowing it to become a nifty and sturdy bowl! Perfect for tailgating, picnics and potlucks, consumers no longer have to lug bulky plasticware with hard to locate lids to their next on-the-go outing. BagBowl lays flat when not in use, making it a natural fit for modern moms, hikers, RVers, and gourmands. No more cleanup as BagBowl's liner can be placed into the recycling bin or leftovers can be zipped up and tossed into the cooler, cupboard or fridge.

ZOMM created the world's first Wireless Leash for mobile phones. Committed to safety, security and peace of mine, this four time CES award-winner continues to enhance lives through technology all around the globe.