Season 4, Episode 6

By ABC.com | Jun 24th, 2013
Cousins Maine Lobster is a gourmet food truck located in Los Angeles who has absolutly exploded since opening 5 months ago. They have already opened a restaurant in the Los Angeles area and they have launched an online distribution center where customers throughout the country can have Maine seafood products sent directly from Maine to their home, overnight. 

Eco Nuts is a certified organic laundry and cleaning product company whose star product is a "nut" which is actually a sterilized USDA organic dried berry from a tree that grows in the Himalayas. When agitated in water, these nuts produce a wonderfully effective natural soap that is especially suitable for those sensitive to regular detergents. Eco Nuts are imported and then sterilized using a proprietary method, then hand sorted. Place four to five nuts in the included cloth bag and toss into the washer with your clothes – they suds up and can be used up to 10 times. A winner of multiple awards, - including "Best New Green Product" at the Natural Products Expo East, Eco Nuts costs 1/3 the price of regular detergent and are a natural fabric softener. The company's founders Scott Shields and Mona Weiss are passionately committed to a healthy, sustainable environment, a commitment reflected in all Eco Nuts' products and packaging. 

Freaker USA, INC. is a North Carolina based company that is dedicated to keeping you awesome. Sweaty bottles? No more. Moist handshakes? A thing of the past. High fives? All day. Everyday. Zach crain and the freakerteam have wrangled down their American dream and want you to join the party with their patented product, the freaker. 

Pro-NRG is an all natural hydrating protein and vitamin B12 enhanced water that's not only tasty to drink, but packed full of great nutrients for your body. It comes in five amazing flavors including pomegranate, watermelon, grape, berry and citrus. Best of all, it is not at all milky or chalky and comes without any caffeine or sugar boost like other sports drinks. Currently found in the training room of three National Football League team training facilities, it boasts 15 grams of whey protein, essential vitamins and healthy herbal extracts blended together to make the ultimate performance recovery drink.