Season 4, Episode 8

By ABC.com | Jun 24th, 2013

Drive Suits are the first generation of wearable vehicles. They were originally created for high prize costume contests and have now been simplified to a more user friendly system I am pursuing to mass market called Drive Boots. Through the past two years we have traveled and performed together locally and internationally thru various venues from crowds of several hundred to private birthday parties. I strongly believe in this product as I am fortunate enough to be a constant witness to the enjoyment it brings others. 

Ice Chips Candy is a healthy and tasty Xylitol delicacy that offers amazing benefits for teeth and is safe for diabetics. Miraculously, germs and bacteria cannot grow on Xylitol so dentists love it and often sell Xylitol products in their offices. Ice Chips Candy comes in 18 delightful flavors, three of them therapeutic. Forget everything you ever heard about bland sugar free candies and discover a new world of zest with every tin of Ice Chips Candy. Sugar free no longer means tasteless. Safe, healthy, and exploding with flavor…Ice Chip Candy. 

PC Classes Online is the world's first live, fully interactive, and affordable virtual classroom service that is especially built for baby boomers. We use technology to teach technology to the millions of people who DIDN'T grow up with it! For $199/year, students can attend unlimited classes in everything from basic Mac/PC/iPhone/iPad skills, to more advanced classes like website building and video editing. Teachers at PCO aren't only trained in technology, but also in how to teach; making each student feel comfortable to learn and interact. At the end of each class, users can direct questions to the teacher via their computer's microphone. All PCO teachers are located in USA and classes are offered at multiple times of the day in order to accommodate busy schedules and differing time zones. PCO is founded by David A. Cox who recently won The 40 Under 40 Awards for dynamic leadership in regards to his roles at PCO and his other business, The Mac Guru. Whether it's for you or your parents, PC Classes Online is the new, affordable way to learn technology from the comfort of home. 

Revestor, The New Way to Search Real Estate. Revestor is a new real estate marketplace for consumers and investors to search homes for sale. With their patent pending technology, anyone buying real estate can search the unique application to find homes estimated to offer the best return.