Season 4, Episode 9

By ABC.com | Jun 24th, 2013
Juliet Boydstun and Lucinda Lent (the founders of the COOP) were friends for over ten years before they had kids. They hung out in cool places, had interesting conversations, and wore high heels. Then Juliet had a baby, then Lucinda – and one more for each quickly followed. No more cool coffee houses or leisurely lunches; they traded in their heels for (fabulous, of course) flats. But their new "hang outs" were uninspired and dull... windowless play spaces overrun with junkie toys and cheesy mascots. Not content to accept this fate, the ladies came up with the concept of the COOP—a cool, modern play space for kids, that doesn't forget the adults desire to be in a place that caters to them as well. The COOP prides itself on it's fantstic parties-- as special and unique as the kids they celebrate. COOP parties – like the space itself – are modern, unlike your average run of the mill kids parties. US Weekly named the COOP " THE Hot Tot Party Spot" AND called it the "Hip Hangout" for Hollywood moms! The COOP counts movie stars, rock stars, and style makers among their clientele – as well as regular moms just like it's founders! Check out their website to book a party today – or choose the COOP Crate party and they'll send the magic of a COOP Party right to your door! 

The name, Fat Ass Fudge, will make you smile. You can taste the delectable pleasure and pure ingredients in every bite. Our handmade fudge is rich, delicious, and completely natural. It is made with organic goat's milk; gluten and lactose free. 

The Living Christmas Company rents living Christmas trees as an alternative to cut or artificial. Scotty Claus and his elves deliver the trees to your home before the holidays and pick them back up after Christmas. The trees grow at his nursery and return again the following year! The website also offers an array of eco-minded and fair trade ornaments, decorations and wrapping paper. 

PartiePoche, designed and made in LA, is a novel women's fashion accessory that eliminates the need for a purse by holding a woman's three essentials: phone, cards and cash. Much like a garter, PartiePoche is worn under or beneath a dress or skirt, with its most salient characteristics being fashion and function. Our mission is to embody and adorn the lifestyle of partygoers worldwide—committed, forever, to the forever young.