Bello Verde Pitch Gets Ugly

By Sharon Knolle | Jan 20th, 2015

On the  January 16, 2015 episode episode of Shark Tank, Bello Verde founder Joe Chay brought some big names to help his pitch for his custom suit business: TV's Superman Dean Cain and MMA star Urijah Faber, both hard-to-fit guys who were wearing his custom suits. 

That delights the Sharks, who also get a kick -- at first -- out of Joe's over-the-top personality. But things, as Lori Greiner predicts, quickly get ugly. Joe's long-winded spiel prompts impatient Shark after Shark to urge him to get to the point. "Get into it," Mark Cuban shouts, then literally shushes Joe at one point.

Joe's big reveal: He purchased the old company he keeps talking about, Astor & Black, after it went under and is now going to position both brands for different markets. That strategy has the Sharks shaking their heads.

When Kevin O'Leary asks Joe, "How much cash will the company will make this year?" Joe throws it back, asking, "How much cash do you think it will make this year?" Kevin, never one to mince words, responds, "You're an idiot. You're trying to sell me! What's the matter with you?"

Despite all that, Daymond John is still interested. He tells Joe, "I’m going to make you an offer and it’s so sweet, it’s going to give you a cavity." But when he wants 30 percent of the company, not the 6 percent that Joe was seeking, Joe's counter offer is to raise by a mere 1 percent, which has all the Sharks bursting into laughter. As Lori says, "It’s going to get really ugly in a minute." 

Daymond continues, saying, "I think you just went crazy for a second," but when Joe won't budge, he shrugs and says, "Come to your senses or we’re going to be kicking you out of here in a second."

When Joe "regretfully" declines, Kevin cheerfully says "Sayonara!"

As Joe and his celebrity pals exit, still smiling, Daymond mutters, "Idiot," and Kevin concludes, "Never in the history of Shark Tank have I heard someone talk so much and say so little."

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