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Aaron Sorkin's critically acclaimed series follows the offbeat cast and crew of a sports news show as they deal with professional, personal, and ethical challenges while functioning in a pressure-cooker work environment.
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season 1

    S1 E1 Pilot

    Casey begins to slow down at the job, due to his impending divorce. The staff tries to get him out of his haze and J.J. and the network brass threaten to fire him.

    09/22/98Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E2 The Apology

    When Dan advocates the legalization of marijuana in a national magazine article, the network comes down hard. Isaac forces Dan to apologize to the audience for his remarks during a broadcast. 

    09/29/98Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E3 The Hungry And The Hunted

    Jeremy gets the call from Isaac and Dana to go out on assignment for CSC's hunting show. While he wants to move up, he has a problem with hunting animals. 

    10/06/98Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E4 Intellectual Property

    Casey denies having any interest in Dana's private life, even though he gets jealous when Dana plans a weekend getaway with another man.

    10/13/98Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E5 Mary Pat Shelby

    Natalie is harassed by a player in a locker room and tells no one about the incident, but things explode when the news media get hold of the story.

    10/20/98Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E6 The Head Coach, Dinner and the Morning Mail

    Natalie receives hate mail over the Christian Patrick incident, and Jeremy empowers himself as her protector.

    10/27/98Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E7 Dear Louise...

    In a letter to his deaf sister Louise, Jeremy describes his Sports Night co-workers by recalling quintessential moments with them.

    11/10/98Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E8 Thespis

    November 23rd marks the birthday of Thespis, the Greek God of Theater. A legend states that on his birthday he has been known to haunt live productions, and Sports Night is targeted.

    11/17/98Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E9 The Quality of Mercy at 29K

    The team broadcasts an Everest climb, the first since 1954. Casey searches for food, as Dan searches for a charity to give to. 

    12/01/98Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E10 Shoe Money Tonight

    With it snowing in Pittsburgh, the anchors of the 2 AM West Coast update are stuck and the staff have to stay to do the show. 

    12/08/98Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E11 The Six Southern Gentlemen of Tennessee Tech

    A southern African American football player and five other students refuse to play at a Tennessee college where the Confederate flag is hung. 

    12/15/98Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E12 Smoky

    Certain employees try to position themselves for a promotion when rumors of Isaac's departure begin circulating.

    01/05/99Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E13 Small Town

    Dana and Casey double date—Dana with Gordon, and Casey with Lisa, a lawyer. Natalie is left to produce the show for the first time and has to handle an 11th hour trade. 

    01/12/99Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E14 Rebecca

    Rumors spread about Isaac's job status when the Wall Street Journal reports the recent trouble between Luther Sachs and Sports Night.

    01/26/99Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E15 Dana and the Deep Blue Sea

    Fearing that Gordon will break up with her if she continues to spend more time at her job than with him, Dana agrees to go on a snorkeling holiday despite her immense fear of fish.

    02/09/99Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E16 Sally

    When Casey has a one-night stand and does not tell anyone, the entire staff prods him for details. After Gordon cancels a date with Dana, she questions the status and future of their relationship.

    02/23/99Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E17 How are Things in Glocca Morra

    A televised tennis match heads into overtime, delaying the start of Sports Night and forcing Dana to choose between canceling a date with Gordon and handing the show over to Sally.

    03/09/99Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E18 The Sword of Orion

    Hit hard by the news of his parents' impending divorce, Jeremy pushes himself to solve the mystery of a yachting disaster. Meanwhile, Rebecca agrees to watch a baseball game with Dan.

    03/23/99Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E19 Eli's Coming

    Dan discovers Rebecca's husband hasn't quite reached "ex" status. Meanwhile, Casey and Dana's bickering escalates until news that Isaac has suffered a stroke reaches the staff.

    03/30/99Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E20 Ordnance Tactics

    Dan and Casey obsess about the evacuation of the building due to a bomb scare, and go on the air to try and defuse the crew's tensions.

    04/06/99Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E21 Ten Wickets

    Jeremy can't figure out how to report on a great story no one understands. Meanwhile, Natalie doesn't accept Jeremy's attempts to break up with her, and Rebecca gives Dan her decision.

    04/13/99Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E22 Napoleon's Battle Plan

    With Gordon having proposed to Dana, Casey is seething, but takes the high road. Dan announces his intention to "step in," and he tells Natalie about Gordon's fling with Sally.

    04/27/99Season 1TV-PG
    S1 E23 What Kind of Day Has it Been

    Gordon calls off his engagement with Dana when he realizes that she was more upset about Casey's affair with Sally than his own infidelity.

    05/04/99Season 1TV-PG