Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME Episode 9 Recap

By Patty Gopez | Aug 13th, 2017

On Episode 9 of Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME, a new batch of aspiring inventors hoping to win over a live studio audience to fund their ideas, products or companies include: the ultimate tailgate cooler; a once-a-week antiperspirant; a stylish, wearable towel for the gym; a full-service used-tire boutique created by women for women; and an outdoor lounging system that folds up into a backpack. Hosted by Steve Harvey, in each episode of Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME, the inventors will go head to head, pitching their products to the studio audience. The studio audience will represent the "customer," and since the customer is always right, they will be voting to determine the winner. 

Here are the highlights from this week's episode:

The Ultimate Tailgator Cooler vs. QB54

The Ultimate Tailgator Cooler is a cooler with drink dispensers, a grill, and a Bluetooth speaker. Inventor: Charles from Harper Woods, Michigan

QB54 is a tailgate chair that turns into a goalpost for a high-energy football game. Inventors: Frank and Mike from Kendall Park, New Jersey

CASHED OUT: QB54 - $3,500

FUNDED: The Ultimate Tailgator Cooler - $10,000

ZeroSweat vs. Hooded Infinity Sport Towel

ZeroSweat is a once-a-week antiperspirant for people who sweat excessively. Inventor: Tyler from Layton, Utah

Hooded Infinity Sport Towel is a stylish, wearable towel for the gym. Inventors: Laurel, Sarah and Melissa from Huntington, New York, and Jackson, Wyoming

FUNDED: ZeroSweat - $20,000

Pink Rubber Tires vs. The Unique Seat

Pink Rubber Tires is a full-service used-tire boutique created by women for women Inventors: Marcia and Marla from Hoover, Alabama, and Marietta, Georgia

The Unique Seat is an outdoor lounging system that folds up into a backpack. Inventors: Shirley and Addison from Clinton, Maryland

CASHED OUT: Pink Rubber Tires - $10,000

FUNDED: Unique Seat - $50,000

Before revealing the results of the crowd's majority vote, Steve Harvey will present the inventors with a major dilemma. One of the inventors is allowed to cash out and walk away for a lesser amount.

Who walks away with the cash to fund their product — and who goes home empty-handed? Don't miss Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME SUNDAYS 9|8c.

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