Benvolio Montague

Played by Wade Briggs
Character Biography

Romeo's death thrusts his cousin, Benvolio Montague, into a position of responsibility as he becomes the sole heir to the Montague name and must abide by a sinister plan to solidify his family's prominence.

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Actor Biography

Wade Briggs can next been in ABC's new drama series "Still Star-Crossed," starring as Benvolio Montague. He was also in the critically acclaimed Australian television show "Please Like Me," and "Home and Away." His other credits include "The Spirit of the Game," a compelling story of post-war Australia trying to build an Olympic-level basketball team, as well as "What If It Works?" where he played the role of Sledgehammer. Last year he starred as a rape victim struggling with post-traumatic stress in "Ladies Day," which premiered at Sydney's prestigious Griffin Theatre.

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