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Colton Underwood burst onto the scene during season 14 of The Bachelorette. It was his good looks, love for dogs and vulnerability that charmed not only Bachelorette Becca Kufrin, but all of Bachelor Nation. This former NFL player made a play for Becca's heart but was sadly sent home after professing he had fallen in love. Now Colton is back and ready to capture hearts across America yet again when he returns for another shot at love, starring in the 23rd season of ABC's hit romance reality series The Bachelor, when it premieres in January 2019.

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season 15

    S15 E1501 The Bachelorette Arrivals

    Brad Womack must face the two women he rejected at the end of his first stint on the show; the bachelor selects a group of 20 women from a pool of 30.

    01/02/11Season 15TV-14
    S15 E1502 Train Performs in Private Concert

    Brad and a date get closer while at a private carnival; tensions escalate between the bachelorettes while on a group date; the band Train performs for Brad and one lucky woman; Brad offers up a rose before the ceremony.

    01/09/11Season 15TV-14
    S15 E1503 Action Movie Date

    Brad and a date record a duet at Capitol Record studio, where they are surprised by singer Seal; 12 bachelorettes join Brad in shooting an action adventure movie on the group date; one woman considers revealing her tragic past.

    01/16/11Season 15TV-14
    S15 E1504 Radio Show Date

    A bachelorette wakes up with a mysterious black eye; Brad takes one woman on a date to Catalina Island; much is revealed on a group date to a radio show; Brad invites a woman on a picnic right before the rose ceremony.

    01/23/11Season 15TV-14
    S15 E1505 Las Vegas Dates

    The 11 remaining women travel to Las Vegas; Brad takes two women on a date that ends with him sending one of them home; a woman reveals a tragedy from her past during a group date at a racetrack.

    01/30/11Season 15TV-14
    S15 E1506 Costa Rica

    Brad and the women travel to Costa Rica; rain threatens to ruin a one-on-one ziplining date; Brad and six bachelorettes rappel down a waterfall in the middle of the jungle; a woman faces her fears when her one-on-one date involves exploring a cave.

    02/06/11Season 15TV-14
    S15 E1507 Anguilla

    Brad and the remaining women travel to Anguilla, where they enjoy local beaches, culture, cuisine and a performance by Bankie Banx; a steamy photo shoot intensifies rivalries.

    02/13/11Season 15TV-14
    S15 E1508 Brad's Hometown Dates

    Brad visits each of the final four women's hometowns and meets their families.

    02/20/11Season 15TV-14
    S15 E1509 South Africa

    Brad and the three remaining women travel to South Africa for adventures and overnight dates; Brad chooses the final two women.

    02/27/11Season 15TV-14
    S15 E1510 Brad's Women Tell All

    Season 15's most memorable bachelorettes return to confront each other and Brad; preview of the season finale.

    03/06/11Season 15TV-14
    S15 E1511 South Africa Season Finale

    Brad's family meets him in South Africa so they can get acquainted with the two remaining bachelorettes; after going on a final date with each woman, Brad chooses who he wants to marry.

    03/13/11Season 15TV-14
    S15 E1512 Brad's After the Final Rose

    Brad looks back on his time in South Africa; couples who found love on past seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette; Brad and the woman he chose talk about their relationship and the future.

    03/13/11Season 15TV-PG