S15 E01 The Bachelorette Arrivals

01/02/11 | TV-14 | CC

Everyone Loves a Comeback
Brad Womack is back! He was a broken man after not being able to find true love the first time around as The Bachelor. Think he's changed? Brad says he has. He's hoping to make the most of this second chance with a bevy of beautiful new bachelorettes! Will he find true love the second time around? No idea. But we're pretty sure it'll be fun finding out!

The Ex Factor
Chris Harrison has a little surprise for Brad when he makes his triumphant return to the mansion. The two ladies he left hanging the last time he was there are in the house looking for some answers. The look on Brad's face when Jenni and DeAnna arrive is priceless. As we said, Brad claims to be a changed man. Still, DeAnna is concerned two more ladies will have their heart broken again in the end. Jenni adds that everyone will have their guard up when they learn Brad is The Bachelor.


Meeting the Ladies
Here's the lowdown on just a few of Brad's new ladies. Ashley, the Philly-based dentist, guarantees fun and healthy gums. Shawntel meets lots of men as a funeral director, but hopes to find that perfect guy with a pulse.


Chantal from Seattle is recently-divorced, so she's hoping for a second chance at love just like Brad. Raichel is a manscaper, which means she gives body waxes to guys. Smooth, Raichel. Real smooth. Michelle's a single mom, Meghan's into fashion, Keltie's a Rockette and Madison may be part vampire. That bites!


The Limo Scene
As the limos arrive, one bachelorette slaps Brad, another leaps into his arms and one more makes him pinky-swear that he won't break her heart. 30 women arrived and all of them stepped inside the mansion. So, it looks like they are all willing to at least give the guy a chance!

The Inside Story
Brad's been through this before. He will have the opportunity to hand out a "first impression" rose to the lady who piques his interest the most during the opening night party. He's peppered with questions about why he thinks things will work out this time as opposed to last.


Some ladies are skeptical while others, like Ashley S., understand that everyone has baggage. Alli and Renee engage in a little tug-o-war with Brad serving as the rope. A few of the other ladies also steal Brad away any time Renee tries to score some alone time with the guy.

Fangs for the Memories
Brad's a little frightened by Madison. Hey, she has FANGS!! Brad can't tell if it's a joke or not. Anybody got a mirror? We'd like to see if Madison has a reflection! As for Michelle, she tells Brad about her four-year-old daughter, Brielle. She also says she's a woman and not a little girl. Brad loves her honesty and openness.


First Impressions
We can see each woman's face light up as they watch Brad walk around with the first impression rose. He grabs Ashley S. and gives it to her. Guess she made the right move by giving Brad a clean slate!

The First Rose Ceremony
It's the time for the very First Rose Ceremony of the season. Time to let a few of these lovely ladies head home. Brad gives roses to:
Lisa M
Sarah P.
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