S15 E02 Train Performs in Private Concert

01/09/11 | TV-14 | CC

Brad still has 20 lovely ladies longing for his love. How will he narrow down the field? Well, he gets a little help from a couple of surprise visitors. Brad must also deal with some drama between two feuding ladies. Sounds like a party!

An Amusing Situation
Ashley H. gets the first date card. Brad surprises her with a private carnival. Ashley reveals that she has no idea where her homeless father is. Brad's dad was never around for him either. The carnival atmosphere disappears as these to get into a heavy conversation where Brad opens up big time. He gives Ashley a rose and they end the night with an extended smooch atop the ferris wheel.

There Will Be Blood
Back at the house, 15 girls get the call for a super-sized group date. Michelle was hoping for some one-on-one time with Brad. After all, it's her birthday. How do we know this? Well, Michelle tells us over and over and over. As far as the date, Brad wants his bevy of bachelorettes to help him make some public service announcements for the American Red Cross.

Feeling Skittish
Brad and the ladies must perform commercial skits. Keltie takes the casting session literally as she plays a lady in a neck brace and two arm casts. Madison is dressed up like a dominatrix (for the skit, of course). Emily, Stacey and Lisa M. battle for Brad's love in a Spanish soap opera. Melissa, who wasn't even in the scene, storms onto the set to plant a kiss on the leading man. CUT!

The Bedroom Scene
Britt and Chantal's scene has them making out with Brad on a bed. Sadly, the cute guy they're kissing is a vampire who wants to suck their blood. Say, shouldn't Madison have been in this scene? Anyway, self-proclaimed prude Britt must be quite the actress because she totally goes to town sucking face with Brad. ACTION!

Trouble on the Set
Britt and Chantal's scene forces Michelle to storm off the set. Hey, it's her birthday and she can cry if she wants to. Brad gives Michelle a backstage show of support, while Raichel and Melissa get into a little thing at the after-party. Though the other ladies are totally turned off by Michelle's diva-like ways, Brad gives her a birthday gift of a rose at the after-party. Did we mention it's her birthday? FADE OUT.

Oh, Pretty Woman
Jackie is asked to go on the next one-on-one date. They head over to a fancy Beverly Hills hotel for a day of pampering and enjoy a romantic dinner on the stage world famous Hollywood Bowl. Brad is concerned when he learns that Jackie has only dated two men seriously in her life. Will she be able to put herself out there with him? He's willing to chance it, as he gives Jackie a rose. They celebrate with a private concert from Train that includes dancing and kissing. Woo woo!

Separation Anxiety?
At the mansion cocktail party, Michelle steals away Brad. The other ladies are more than understanding. NOT! Brad gets some one-on-one time with Emily, which is nice. But things aren't as swell in another part of the mansion as Raichel and Melissa continue to get catty with each other. Raichel walks away, but Melissa just won't leave her alone.

Voices of Experience
Later, a teary-eyed Melissa gives Brad her side of the story. After that, a teary-eyed Raichel tells Brad her side of the story. After that, a non-crying Chris Harrison pops by with Bachelorette lovebirds Ali and Roberto to help Brad find out which women are here for the right reasons. After chatting with all the ladies, Ali and Roberto recommend Emily get a rose before the actual Rose Ceremony, and she accepts.

The Rose Ceremony
In addition to the four ladies who received roses earlier (that would be Ashley H., Michelle, Jackie and Emily), the remaining roses go to...

Ashley S.
Lisa M.
Sarah P.

Keltie, the Rockette, is high-kicking her way home. The feuding twosome, Melissa and Raichel, are also headed for the door. There's sure to be plenty of adventure next week, as Brad and the ladies film an action flick. And we're teased with the thought that one woman may want to go home. Who it could be?

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