S15 E07 Anguilla

02/13/11 | TV-14 | CC

Brad and the six remaining ladies are hitting the beach in Anguilla! Will there be trouble in paradise? Probably.

Island Girl
Emily gets the first of three one-on-one dates with no roses. They chopper off to their own little private island in the middle of the Caribbean. Brad admits he gets nervous around her. The sun and moon literally align making for a perfect day, but Emily still isn't sure if she wants The Bachelor to meet her daughter. Brad breaks the rules by telling Emily he's giving her a rose at the next ceremony. Ball's in her court now.

The Dominoes Effect
Shawntel gets the next one-one-one date. Brad loves this lady's confidence which is apparent in a dominoes game with a few locals. Shawntel tells Brad that she's falling in love with him. That's great news, but Brad wonders if their date can possibly top the one he had with Emily. Brad finds himself opening up about things he doesn't talk about with anyone else. He and Shawntel are treated to a concert by Bankie Banx, who has been called the Anguillan Bob Dylan. They end the day with a late-night dip and a kiss.

Keeping Things at Bay
Britt gets one-on-one date number three. They ride a yacht to a remote spot called Little Bay to do some cliff jumping. Britt's pretty scared but eventually leaps into the water. While sitting on the shore, Brad realizes he doesn't have the urge to just grab and kiss her. Dinner on the yacht is nice but there's just no spark. Brad tells Britt that he doesn't see a future with her, so he thinks it's time to say goodbye. Britt is escorted back to shore without Brad.

Model Behavior
Brad gives an early morning wakeup call to Michelle, Chantal and Ashley, the triple threat he picked for the group date. One of these three will be getting a rose. But first the ladies are going to take part in a photo shoot for the Sport Illustrated swimsuit issue. Ashley does well and is even convinced to go topless. Chantal also pops off her top during the shoot. Michelle doesn't take off her bathing suit, but she does end up on top of Brad in the sand.

In Hot Water The awkwardness from the photo shoot spills over to the pool party. Brad feels as though he's in the middle of the group date from hell. Ashley is desperately afraid she's going home. Well, she is in a sense. But Brad will be going with her because Ashley gets the group date rose which means Brad will be meeting her family. Chantal is in tears when she realizes Ashley got the rose, but Brad assures her there's still hope for the two of them.

The Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony
Brad tells Chris Harrison that there's no need for a cocktail party. He already knows who is going home tonight. The ladies are stunned and nervous as they head down to the beach for the rose ceremony. Ashley is already safe. Brad gives the remaining roses to:

Michelle is heading home and she's not happy about it. She refuses to take Brad's hand and steps into the limo without really saying a word. Time to meet the families!

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