S15 E08 Brad's Hometown Dates

02/20/11 | TV-14 | CC

It's time to meet the families of Brad's final four ladies. Woo hoo!

Bradless in Seattle

Chantal has been missing Brad, so she's thrilled when he shows up in her hometown of Seattle to meet her family. But first things first, Brad needs to get in good with her pets. Boca the dog seems to be wagging his tail enough at the sight of Brad, but Chantal's cat doesn't seem all that thrilled to meet him. Guess some pets are just finicky when it comes to the guys their ladies date.

When Brad meets Chantal's mom, dad and brother, he tells them about their first encounter. You remember that one, right? Chantal slapped Brad for all the women in America. Chantal's dad trades stories with Brad about the rocky relationship each man has had with his own father. In another part of the house, Chantal tells her mom she's in love. At the end of the visit, Chantal's dad gives Brad his blessing should he wish to marry his daughter.

The Maine Event
Brad heads east to Ashley's hometown of Madawaska, Maine. Before they are off to meet the folks, Ashley treats Brad to one of her favorite meals--fries with cheese and gravy. But for dinner, they'll be having some genuine Maine lobsters.

Ashley is beyond excited to have Brad meet her family. They're a very huggy-huggy group, which is nice. Ashley's sis gives a sweet toast to thank Brad for choosing her. Brad wants to be sure that the family knows he's grateful that Ashley chose him. Aww.

Ashley hangs in another room with her family as Brad chats with dad. She's asked by her brother if she would marry Brad right now. Ashley needs more time to get to know him, but this hometown visit is a step in the right direction. Brad just wants to be sure he will never hold Ashley back. At the end of the visit, it's hard for Brad to say goodbye to her. But say goodbye he must.

Chico and the Man
Brad's off to Shawntel's hometown of Chico, California. Before he meets the family, Brad heads over to her place of business which, as everyone knows, is a funeral home/mausoleum. Sounds like a party!

Brad gets a tour of the crypts and the crematory. Shawntel then shows him where she does some of her best embalming work. She has him lay down on the table where she gives a detailed lesson on how she'd drain his veins. Shawntel's job is both creepy and cool. Hey, death becomes her!

Shawntel's family deals with death every day, yet they are so full of life. Things get a little awkward when Shawntel's dad mentions that his daughter is supposed to take over the family business. That'll be tough to do if she moves to Texas to be with Brad. But at the end of the day, Dad gives Brad his blessing should he want to marry his daughter.

Sweet Carolina
Brad heads to Charlotte, North Carolina where Emily is so happy to be home with her daughter. Now she needs to introduce her to Brad. The little girl is very shy when she meets the new man in her mom's life. Brad understands this is an awkward situation that will hopefully get better over time. But right now, the little girl won't even make eye contact with him.

Brad's able to break through during a fun kite-flying adventure in the park. Things get even more comfortable back at the house. Emily thinks it's all good and Brad's having a blast doing the family thing. When they finally get some alone time, Brad is hesitant to kiss Emily. That could be a problem because her little girl will always be upstairs should things work out between them. The night is about to end on a sweet, slightly weird note. But eventually Brad and Emily do share a nice goodnight kiss at the front door.

The Rose Ceremony
Chris Harrison has a little chat with Brad about his visits with the families. The hometown dates this time around were so much better than before. But just like the last time, Brad must say goodbye to one lovely lady. At the end of the night, Brad gives roses to:


Shawntel is headed back to the funeral home with no worries about having to step away from the family business. With three beautiful ladies left, the decisions are only going to get tougher for The Bachelor. Next week the gang is off to South Africa!

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