S15 E11 South Africa Season Finale

03/13/11 | TV-14 | CC

Brad and his last two ladies are in Cape Town where it's time to meet the Bachelor's family. Tears flow during an emotional reunion as Brad's closest relatives hug him hello. This includes his mom, Pam, and twin brother Chad. The entire family is delighted to hear that Brad is truly thinking about proposing. But will it be to Emily or Chantal? Let's find out!

Family Time
First to meet the family is Chantal, who says she fell in love with Brad in Costa Rica after getting caught in that nasty rainstorm. Little brother Wes is impressed at how well Chantal immediately clicked with the family. Both brothers love the fact that this girl would be willing to get married the moment Brad proposed. Mom thinks Chantal is just precious both inside and out. It was a very successful visit.

Emily is a little nervous when she first meets the family. Wes can tell she's a little more reserved than Chantal. A conversation about the hometown visit brings up the story of Emily's daughter and her late fiance. Everyone is shocked by her tale, but impressed at how she's triumphed over tragedy.

Just like Chantal, Emily tells Brad's brothers that she would also say yes should Brad propose. Chad and Wes ask Brad if he's ready for an instant family. He is. As much as Brad's mom liked Chantal, she believes that Emily is the woman for him. He has one more date with each lady to decide if that's truly the case.

Testing the Waters
Brad and Chantal take a boat ride where they see a shark off the starboard bow. Hey, at least they're safe inside the boat, right? Wrong! Brad and Chantal's date involves swimming with some great whites. That bites! Actually, it's an exciting little adventure. Brad and Chantal celebrate their survival amongst the sharks with some champagne and a kiss at sea.

Back at the hotel, Chantal gives Brad a homemade map of the world. There are red dots marking all the places they've been. These two have literally travelled the world together. Brad is blown away by the map and the love letter that accompanies it. It's an open, honest and extremely heartfelt note. Clearly, Chantal is in love with this guy. But is he in love with her?

Hope for the Future?
Brad and Emily chopper out to the Cape of Good Hope for their final date. They take a seat on the side of mountain where Brad tells Emily how much his family loved her. Once again, the question about Brad being ready to be a family man pops up. It's not like he'll be able go home to his bachelor pad as a dad.

Back at the hotel, Brad assures Emily that he wants the chance to be a father. But will he be willing to take care of a sick kid at three in the morning come crunch time? Again, Emily wants him to know that it won't always be fun. Brad admits he's getting a little upset about being given the third degree. He walks away from his date feeling utterly defeated.

Decision Time
Brad picks out an engagement ring to present to one special lady. Before he can do that, he must say goodbye to someone else. Both Chantal and Emily look stunning as they head off to meet Brad. The Bachelor looks pretty sharp, too. The limo arrives and Chantal is escorted over to Brad, who says he felt a connection to her the moment they met. But he has stronger feelings for someone else.

As you can imagine, Chantal is devastated. Brad says he has taken every moment they've spent together to heart. Chantal believes Brad is an amazing person and that Emily is very lucky. Brad thinks she's amazing, too. She just isn't the one for him.

One Journey Ends, Another Begins
Emily is escorted over to Brad, who says she's taken his breath away once again. Brad speaks from the heart when he tells her that she's the one. He wants the opportunity to love her for the rest of his life. Brad gets down on one knee and asks Emily marry him. She accepts his ring saying he just made her the happiest girl in the world. Brad's pretty happy, too. Their journey on The Bachelor has come to an end, but their future as a couple has only just begun.

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