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Airline pilot Peter Weber caught the attention of Bachelorette Hannah Brown and all of America the first night they met, stepping out of the limo and expressing his desire for a co-pilot in life. While Peter seemed sweet at first glance, it became clear this charming man in uniform could bring the heat. The passion between Hannah and Peter was undeniable. After expressing his love to her and spending a memorable night in a windmill together, all of America was left shocked and heartbroken with Hannah's decision to end the relationship. Returning home from Greece, Peter was forced to confront his pain and pick up the pieces of his broken heart. Now, Peter is back to take his search for true love to new heights on the 24th season of ABC's hit romance reality series The Bachelor, premiering in January 2020.

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season 16

    S16 E1601 Bachelorette Limo Arrivals

    Bachelor Ben returns to the mansion for the season's first cocktail party; a septuagenarian confesses her love for Ben; a bachelorette shows up at the mansion on a horse; one contestant is left in tears; seven of the 25 women are sent home.

    01/01/12Season 16TV-14
    S16 E1602 Sonoma, California

    Two women get one-on-one dates with Ben in his hometown; on the group date, 12 bachelorettes try out for a community theater production written by children.

    01/08/12Season 16TV-14
    S16 E1603 San Francisco, California

    A woman from Ben's past reveals she has feelings for him; Ben and Emily climb the Oakland Bay Bridge; the woman ski down the street on the group date; Ben takes Lindzi on a tour of San Francisco.

    01/15/12Season 16TV-14
    S16 E1604 Park City, Utah

    Jennifer and Rachel get one-on-one dates; Ben takes eight lucky ladies horseback riding; Ben surprises a bachelorette at the after party; Emily warns Ben about one of the women.

    01/22/12Season 16TV-14
    S16 E1605 Puerto Rico

    Ben and the remaining bachelorettes travel to Puerto Rico; Nicki and Elyse get individual dates; Courtney suggests Ben go skinny dipping with her.

    01/29/12Season 16TV-14
    S16 E1606 Panama

    Ben and the women travel to Panama; a two-on-one date ends with one woman being sent home; Kacie B. opens up to Ben; Chris confronts Casey S. about a secret she has been keeping.

    02/05/12Season 16TV-14
    S16 E1607 Belize

    While in Belize, Ben goes on dates with the bachelorettes that include diving with sharks, touring the jungle and exploring Mayan ruins; Ben decides which women he will escort home to meet their families.

    02/12/12Season 16TV-14
    S16 E1608 Ben's Hometown Dates

    Ben travels to the hometowns of the final four women to meet their families.

    02/19/12Season 16TV-14
    S16 E1609 Switzerland

    Ben and the final three bachelorettes head to Switzerland for exotic dates and a rejected suitor returns.

    02/26/12Season 16TV-14
    S16 E1610 Ben's Women Tell All

    Ben and Chris Harrison discuss memorable moments; Emily talks about how her chance with Ben was ruined by her hatred for Courtney; the women discuss the impact of Courtney's behavior; Ben faces those he rejected; a sneak peek at the final two women.

    03/04/12Season 16TV-14
    S16 E1611 Season Finale in Switzerland

    The two remaining women meet Ben's family; after final dates with the bachelorettes, Ben makes his choice.

    03/11/12Season 16TV-14
    S16 E1612 After the Final Rose

    Ben looks back at the dramatic ending to his journey to find love. Ashley and J.P. return to share their future wedding plans.

    03/11/12Season 16TV-14