S16 E07 Belize

02/12/12 | TV-14 | CC

Ben and the six remaining ladies head off to beautiful Belize. The hometown dates are just around the corner, so there's a lot on the line this week.

Message in a Bottle
Lindzi scores the first of three one-on-one dates which will not end with a rose at stake. She and Ben hop on a helicopter. Then they hop out of a helicopter into the Blue Hole. It's a beautiful sea area surrounded by coral reef that's very popular with scuba divers. After a fun day frolicking by the sea, Ben and Lindzi go to a candlelit pier for a romantic dinner.

Ben asks Lindzi if she's ready to take him home to her family. The answer is a heartfelt yes, as she's falling for him. Ben pulls out a pen and paper so the two of them can write a message to be put in a bottle. They compose a fairy tale story describing how they feel about each other. The story ends with a promise of honesty. They toss the bottle into the water. Lindzi hopes this is one fairy tale that comes true.

Making Up for Lost Time
Emily scores the second one-on-one date. She and Ben bike through town where they sip coconut milk and enjoy carefree day of fun. They go on a spontaneous diving adventure to catch their lobster dinner. There's dancing and kissing before their romantic meal featuring the catch of the day.

Ben asks Emily if she's ready for him to meet her family. She is still regretting all the time she wasted regarding the Courtney situation. Emily feels they made up for things today. Ben appreciates all that she says. The evening ends with a toast and a long, passionate kiss.

Where's the Spark?
Courtney feels her initial spark has fizzled a bit. She needs the last one-on-one date to convince her that Ben should meet her family. Guess it's a good thing her name is on that third date card. Well, good for her, not so great for Kacie B, who can't stand this woman.

Ben and Courtney walk through the jungle to scale a beautiful, massive temple for a picnic. The conversation starts off seriously. Courtney tells Ben she has doubts about their future. Ben assures her that he wants someone who's a little weird like him. Courtney now feels that each step they take up the temple is another step forward in their relationship.

After an intense day date, Courtney assures Ben that she would love for him to meet her parents. Ben had visions of past, present and future when he was sitting atop the temple. He has a feeling of clarity. What he doesn't know is that the other ladies all believe his view of Courtney is all an illusion.

Rachel, Nicki and Kacie B go on an early-morning group date. They take a boat out to a place called "shark alley." Ben gives the ladies some tips out how to deal with those toothy predators just before they dive into the water. He gives Rachel gobs of attention, as she's the one who seems to have the most fear.

Once they are back on dry land, Ben steals Rachel away for a chat for even more alone time. Nicki wants Ben to know that her family would love to meet him since she's falling in love with him. Kacie B is also excited for him to meet her family because she is also falling in love. At the end of the day, she gets the rose. That means Ben will be meeting Kacie's family for sure during the hometown dates. After the rose decision is made, Kacie and Nicki try to warn Ben about Courtney. Will he heed their warning?

The Rose Ceremony
Chris Harrison says that there will be no cocktail party because Ben knows exactly what he's going to do. Kacie B is safe. Three more roses remain. Ben steals Courtney away before things get started. He wants to know if she's there for the right reasons. She assures him that she is. Those to receive a rose from Ben are Courtney, Kacie B (safe from the group date), Lindzi and Nicki.

Rachel is feeling very rejected as she heads home. As for Emily, she's stunned that her nemesis received a rose. The final four ladies have been chosen as Ben heads off to meet their families on the always-stressful hometown dates.

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