S16 E08 Ben's Hometown Dates

02/19/12 | TV-14 | CC
It's hometown week. Time to meet the parents!

Ben heads to Ocala, Florida to meet Lindzi's family. Just like she did the first time we saw her, Lindzi rides up to Ben on a horse. This time she's on her home turf, so she's calling the shots. That's why she has Ben take her on a little horse ride. Later, they chat about Lindzi's last boyfriend. He happens to be a guy she thought she was going to marry. Her family, however, saw some red flags. Wonder if that'll be the case with Ben.

Ben learns that Lindzi's folks got married in San Francisco's City Hall. That happens to be the place where he had his first date with their daughter. Lindzi's dad ropes Ben into a carriage race with horses. The parents win the race, so Ben and Lindzi must pull them back to the house in their carriage.

Lindzi's mom worries her daughter will get her heart broken. Dad thinks Ben is a nice, young man and a pretty good racer, too. He's the kind of guy Ben feels he could go to for advice. Lindzi's dad proposes and toast and says they'd be honored to have Ben as a son-in-law. This is good news for Lindzi, as she wants to have the love her parents share. As for Ben, he feels like he may be falling in love with Lindzi.

Kacie B
Ben heads to Clarksville, Tennessee to visit Kacie's family. But first, he's welcomed by a marching band with Kacie in the back twirling a baton. She then runs into Ben's arms. Kacie says the football field they are standing on is named after her grandfather. The love story he shared with her grandmother is what she wants, too. Ben notices that she beaming as she tells this tale.

Ben learns that Kacie's dad is a probation officer who doesn't drink. That's gotta make a winemaker a little nervous. Kacie tells her sister that she's learned to take risks. That's not something her father likes to do. She also says that she loves Ben and wants him to be accepted into their family.

Kacie's dad says that he was skeptical about his daughter being part of this forum. He doesn't want to see anyone get hurt. He also wants Ben to let his daughter down sooner rather than later if he feels she is not the one. Kacie's mom also has concerns about the idea of anyone moving in together before marriage.

Ben can see that these people are very protective of their daughter. Kacie's dad says that he wouldn't give his permission for Ben to marry his daughter at this point in time. This frustrates and worries Kacie. She now has no idea what the future may bring.

Ben heads to Fort Worth, Texas to meet Nikki's family. Nikki married the last guy she brought home under these circumstances. She takes Ben boot shopping. Cowboy hats are also purchased before they head off to a saloon. Hey, when in Texas…

Nikki tells Ben that her folks saw her go through a very rough time when her first marriage failed. Still, she's confident things will go well at home with Ben. Her parents will have questions for him though. Nikki tells her mom that she's falling in love. Her dad worries that he may have too readily given away his daughter's hand in marriage the first time around. He feels he may have let her down. It's something he won't do again.

Nikki's dad wants to protect her forever. Nikki assures him that Ben is a good man. That makes her dad very happy. He gives them his blessing. Ben is impressed with Nikki's warm, loving, welcoming family. He has a great gut feeling that she could make him happy for the rest of his life. The feeling is mutual.

Ben heads off to Scottsdale, Arizona to visit Courtney's family. She's feeling some remorse about how she's treated some of the girls, but she's still glad to be away from them. As for Ben, he's anxious to get the inside scoop on Courtney from her family.

Courtney's mom says she'd be surprised if her daughter is in love with Ben. Her sister says she seems happy. Her dad chats with Ben that marriage is life's greatest gamble. He wonders if he's willing to take that bet, especially since he wants some grandkids. Getting back to mom, she likes Ben and believes that Courtney seems happy with him. Guess that mean the parents give Ben their blessing.

As for Courtney, she still hasn't told Ben that she loves him. She does, however, say she's ready for the next step. She takes him to a spot where she's always envisioned her wedding would take place. She pulls out some paper so they can write some vows. Ben gets nervous as she leads him up to the front of the wedding area. He reads his thoughts, as does she. Courtney ends her speech by telling Ben she's in love with him. It's not a real wedding, but they still are allowed to kiss.

The Rose Ceremony
The ladies return to Los Angeles for the first time since Week 1. Ben thanks everyone for inviting him to meet their families. It's been an eye-opening week for him, but now it's time for someone to go home. The ladies who receive a rose from Ben are:


In a bit of shocker, Ben escorts Kacie out the door. He's sorry and she wishes him the best, though Kacie had no clue this was coming. As for Ben and the remaining three ladies, they are all headed for an alpine adventure in Switzerland!
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