S16 E09 Switzerland

02/26/12 | TV-14 | CC
Ben and the final three bachelorettes head to Switzerland for exotic dates and a rejected bachelorette is back!

Swiss Miss 1 - Nikki
The last time Nikki saw Ben was in her hometown when she told him that she loves him. They meet up again in majestic Interlaken, Switzerland. They take a helicopter ride through the mountain ranges to land atop a beautiful peak. It's a fitting date place since Nikki's feelings for Ben are at an all-time high.

Over dinner, Ben wants to know how Nikki feels about integrating herself into his life. She's all for it. She says everything Ben wants to hear. That's why he invites her to join him in the fantasy suite. Nikki happily accepts his offer. After all, she's in love with this guy.

Swiss Miss 2 - Lindzi
Ben and Lindzi are freaking out moments before they are to rappel 300 feet down a gorge. They take a leap of faith together. As scared as they are, they manage to share a kiss halfway down the descent. Once they get to the bottom, they take a nice, relaxing hot tub break with more kissing. Ben is noticing a more affectionate side of Lindzi. He wonders if this will lead to long-lasting love.

At dinner, Lindzi admits that Ben has helped her see just how bad her last relationship was. It has allowed her to be vulnerable and open. Lindzi tells Ben that she's falling in love with him. She would like to see this end with a proposal. Right now, Ben would like to know if she'd like to join him in the fantasy suite. Much to his delight, Lindzi agrees to forgo her own room for the night.

Swiss Miss 3 - Courtney
Ben and Courtney take a relaxing, romantic train ride along the scenic countryside. It feels like they are in fairy tale land. When they arrive at their destination, they shop for items to take on a picnic. Courtney admits that she feels bad about what happened with the other ladies. She realizes that Ben seems genuinely concerned about some of her actions.

Over a romantic dinner, Courtney again tries to explain herself regarding all the drama with the other women. Ben says that it was hard for him to hear negative things about her because he's seen nothing but good things. It's a weight off his shoulders to hear Courtney apologize for some of her actions. Ben gives her an invitation to the fantasy suite which Courtney accepts.

Return of a Bachelorette
Kacie B is back! Ben is shocked when she shows up at his door. Kacie wants to know what happened between them. Ben feels that they are worlds apart regarding where they come from. He doesn't feel like he could give her what she needs and simply didn't see her in the end. Ben didn't want to drag anything out if it wasn't going to happen between them.

Kacie feels it's nice to have answers but it doesn't really make it better. She loves Ben and doesn't want to see him get his heart broken. That's why she advises him to not choose Courtney. Ben needs to process all that's been said. He escorts Kacie out the door. She has no idea if she'll ever see Ben again, but at least she did everything she could to stop him from getting hurt.

The Rose Ceremony
Once again, Ben has some doubts about Courtney. He chats with Chris Harrison about the situation and turns down an offer to have Kacie be part of the Rose Ceremony. As far as the other women, Ben is questioning everything. Ben thanks the ladies for being part of this adventure. He gives roses to:

In another shocker, Nikki is headed out the door. Ben tells her that he's enjoyed every single moment he spent with her, but there were doubts. This was a hard goodbye. He lets the remaining two ladies know that they will be staying in Switzerland as Ben makes his ultimate choice in the finale of his incredible journey.

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