S16 E11 Season Finale in Switzerland

03/11/12 | TV-14 | CC
The time has come for Ben to choose the one woman he wants in his life for the long haul. The only problem is that two lovely ladies are still in the mix: Lindzi and Courtney. Who will Ben pick? Let's find out.

Meeting Lindzi
Ben is overjoyed to have his mom, Barbara, and sister, Julia, arrive in Switzerland to provide some outside perspective on his situation. Julia says the fact that Courtney had issues with some of the other women could be a red flag. More on that later. For now, Ben introduces a slightly nervous Lindzi to his family.

Barbara wants to know what Lindzi thinks is the reason she's here with her son now. The answer is simple. Lindzi has fallen in love with him. When it's Julia turn to do a little Q/A session, she asks Lindzi if she's scared by the fact that her brother may be proposing to her. She's excited, not afraid. Then Julia brings up Courtney. Lindzi is very diplomatic as she states that she and Courtney are simply very different people. Julia later gives Ben her stamp of approval regarding Lindzi. Mom likes her, too.

Meeting Courtney
Ben doesn't want his mom and his sis to pre-judge Courtney, who immediately dives into the discussion about her troubles with the other women. Julia shares her concerns about this issue. Courtney claims she was making an effort to get to know the girls from day one, but admits she could have tried to bond more. The bottom line is that she's fallen in love with Ben.

Barbara wants to know how Courtney feels about Ben. It's all good news, as she feels like she's in a fairy tale. Courtney totally wins over both mom and sis. Ben is beyond relieved. As for Courtney, she knows that the next time she sees Barb and Julia; it could be as Ben's fiancée. This makes the decision of who to choose all the much harder.

What's a Matterhorn?
Ben lets Lindzi know that they'll be going on a ski date in the Swiss Alps. Their private gondola has a romantic picnic setup inside. Then, all of the sudden, everything stops. Ben and Lindzi are sitting in their gondola suspended over the Alps. They chat about the craziness of their situation along with the good feeling that came out of the family meeting. When they finally do go skiing, Lindzi feels good to be going down the mountain with Ben. She's hoping for many more adventures with him.

Later, Ben and Lindzi share a bottle of wine back in the hotel room. They've done some exciting things together, but really appreciate the downtime where they can just talk and kiss. Lindzi tells Ben that she's in love with him and ready for the next step. He thanks her for opening up. He can't really tell Lindzi that he loves her without being unfair to Courtney, who he must still take on one more date.

Ben and Courtney take a helicopter ride where they actually fly over the top of the Matterhorn. Could this mean their relationship is soaring to new heights? When they land, they have some fun in the snow. They go sledding and make snow angels. Ben has so much fun with Courtney. He has to decide between two incredible women very soon.

Ben and Courtney meet up at the hotel later that night. She reads him a heartfelt love letter where she says she feels like the luckiest girl in the world. Ben appreciates how vulnerable she is being with him. It was really hard for Courtney to put herself out there like that, as she still wonders how he feels about her.

Decision Time - The Final Rose
Ben meets with Lindzi in a romantic mountain setting. He recalls the first time he met her and says that he has fallen in love with her. But he believes he's found someone else. This other woman is the person he wants to be with for the rest of his life. It's a difficult goodbye. Lindzi is upset that she couldn't give Ben what he's looking for. As for Ben, saying goodbye to Lindzi is one of the worst feelings he's ever had. He's also still unsure as to how all this is going to end.

Chris Harrison escorts Courtney over to Ben, who talks about the amazing journey they've shared together. He believes Courtney is an incredible woman, but he promised himself he wouldn't get down on one knee again unless he thought it would be for a moment that would last forever. Ben says Courtney is his forever. He then asks for her hand in marriage. Courtney happily accepts. The two of them promise to love each other forever. Ben gives Courtney one final rose as they prepare to begin their new lives together.

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