S17 E03 Beach Volleyball Competition

01/21/13 | TV-14 | CC

For the Record: Lesley M scores the first one-on-one date. Sean takes her to the Guinness Book of World Records museum in the middle of Hollywood. His dad is represented there as the man who drove through the 48 contiguous U.S. states in the shortest amount of time—97 hours, 7 minutes. Sean wants to break a world record, too. This one has nothing to do with driving, but it could get one’s motor running for sure. Sean and Lesley are looking to set the record for the longest onscreen kiss. Pucker up!

Long, Slow, Deep, Soft, Wet Kisses that Last Three Days: The record for longest onscreen kiss is 3 minutes, 15 seconds. Lips must touch throughout the entire event. The crowd on Hollywood Boulevard cheers as Sean and Lesley pucker up. The lip-lock is on! The record has stood for over 10 years, so Sean and Lesley have their lip work cut out for them. Cheers erupt as they break one to the world’s most saliva-friendly records.

Comfy, Cozy: When the evening rolls around, Lesley opens up about being a bit of a nerd in high school. She also admits that Sean makes her a little nervous, but that’s a good thing. That means she really likes him. Sean feels he took control of their relationship since she made him a tad uncomfortable the moment she stepped out of the limo. They seem to be pretty comfy together now though as they share another kiss even though there’s no record on the line. Sean also shares a rose.

Side Out: Amanda, Catherine, Daniella, Desiree, Jackie, Kacie, Kristy, Leslie H, Lindsay, Robyn, Taryn and Tierra are picked for the group date. There’s also a volleyball tourney where the winning team gets to continue the date with Sean. When all the fun in the sun is done, six ladies win the day and the others head back to the mansion. Later, there’s tension between Amanda and Desiree that Kacie brings up to Sean, who wants to know why she’s the one talking to him about it. In other words, they don’t have a great chat. At the end of the date, Lindsay gets the rose.

I’ll Tumble For You: AshLee is picked for the second one-on-one date. Moments before Sean arrives, Tierra takes a big tumble down the mansion stairs. An ambulance arrives to take her away for x-rays, but she doesn’t want to go. She pops off the stretcher which has the other ladies thinking this was her way of getting attention. AshLee waits in the kitchen while Sean makes sure that Tierra is okay.

A Ride-Share Date: When AshLee and Sean finally head off on their date, they take on some big roller coasters at a theme park. They aren’t alone though. Two young girls with chronic illnesses join them. These two became great friends online, but have never met in person. All that ends today. AshLee loves that Sean wants to share their date in this way. Emily and Briana are the two best friends who are overwhelmed when they meet for the very first time. Everyone has a great day riding rides, playing games and sharing smiles. It’s capped off with a private concert with the Eli Young Band.

Opening Up: AshLee opens up about her past as well as her future hopes during the nighttime portion of their date. She talks about how she was adopted. The first day she met her dad, he promised to give her a great big birthday party. Her new mom and dad have loved her every day she’s been with them. She feels very lucky. Sean is impressed at how she didn’t let the rough start to her childhood affect her. That’s why he gives her a rose at the end of their date.

Licking and Stealing: Sean has a little surprise in store for one of the ladies just before the cocktail party. Sarah starts freaking out a bit when a limo arrives. She thinks she’s being sent home. In truth, Sean has simply arranged for someone to visit her. Sarah is overwhelmed when her dog, Leo, hops out of the backseat. She gets lots of big, wet doggie licks from her loving pet. Later, Tierra gets ticked when Sean gets stolen away from him, so she steals him right back. The stealing continues throughout the night, so Sean never gets a huge amount of time with anyone.

The Rose Ceremony: AshLee, Lesley M and Lindsay all scored roses from their dates. They have nothing to worry about. Kacie, however, does have something to fret as Sean pulls her away to say that he thinks they are better off as friends. That’s why he says goodbye to her before the ceremony begins. Here is the list of everyone who gets a rose for Week 3:







Lesley M

Leslie H






Kacie, Kristy and Taryn are headed home as the remaining ladies prep for another week of adventure that includes a roller derby.

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