S17 E05 Sean's Two-on-One Date

02/04/13 | TV-14 | CC

The Big Sky Guy and the Brat: Sean and the ladies are off to Big Sky country in beautiful Montana. Lindsay scores a one-on-one date which starts with a helicopter tour of Glacier National Park. They start smooching once they hit the ground for a picnic in the great outdoors. They later chat by a roaring nighttime fire. Lindsay talks about the downside of being an army brat with a dad who was called away to duty. Then there’s more kissing.

Full of Surprises: Sean believes that Lindsay constantly surprises him, so it’s no surprise that she scores a rose. Then it’s time for one more surprise. The entire town of Whitefish, Montana hits the streets to enjoy a concert by country star Sarah Darling. Sean and Lindsay share a dance and yet another kiss in the middle of the cheering crowd.

Got Goat? Selma, AshLee, Desiree, Catherine, Sarah, Lesley, Robyn and Daniella are picked for the group date that involves a Montana wilderness relay race. The ladies must race a canoe, buck some hay, saw through a log and milk a goat. But wait! There’s more! At the end of the race, one or more bachelorettes must drink the goat’s milk.

Red Feels Blue: The red team includes Selma, Desiree, Sarah and Robyn while AshLee, Lesley, Daniella and Catherine make up the blue team. Thanks to some fine teamwork and some serious goat milk chugging by Desiree, the red team wins the day. But Sean feels like sending anyone away defeats the purpose of what he’s doing. So he invites them to join the winners at the nighttime party. This makes the red team a little blue. Even though she wasn’t on the group date, Tierra is ticked, too.

An Emotional Night: Tierra is one of the two ladies scheduled for a two-on-one date, but she can’t wait that long. She sneaks over to see Sean to say that she wants to spend time with him alone. Tierra speaks her peace and then lets Sean finish his date with the other eight ladies inside. Out of all the ladies on the group date, Daniella is the most emotional regarding her desire to connect with Sean. That could be why she scores the rose.

Two-On-One Time: Tierra and Jackie are off on a two-on-one date on horseback. Unfortunately for Jackie, her horse lags so she’s left out of some conversation. Jackie finally gets some alone time with Sean. She serves up some inside scoop on Tierra. When Tierra gets her alone time, she talks about an old boyfriend who passed away after having been in and out of rehab. She fears she may have scared off Sean with this story. That’s not the case. Tierra gets the rose and a cool fireworks show. Before Jackie heads home, she warns Sean to be careful.

Weird Vibes: After an awkward chat with Desiree, Sean has doubts about his feelings for her. In other news, Robyn confronts Tierra about how confused everyone is about her. Tierra lashes back saying she can easily get engaged if she wants to, as there are plenty of guys in the world. Sean walks by while Tierra is in mid-rant. He steals her away. Tierra feels like all the other girls are against her. Sean is visibly uncomfortable by all the drama that’s around him. He admits that Montana wasn’t a good week.

The Rose Ceremony: Everyone feels the tension in the room, as Sean wonders if any of the remaining women are truly for him. Nevertheless, Tierra, Daniella and Lindsay are safe from earlier dates. Here is the list of all the ladies who score a rose from Sean:





Lesley M





Robyn heads home this week along with Jackie, who left earlier. Robyn truly believes that Sean will be sorry if he ends up with Tierra.

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