S17 E07 St. Croix

02/11/13 | TV-14 | CC

On a Rollaway: Sean and the remaining ladies fly into St. Croix on a seaplane. Tierra wants her own private space in the hotel room, so she wheels a rollaway cot into a corner of a room. Needless to say, the other ladies are a tad miffed. The first one-on-one date goes to AshLee. Tierra dubs her a cougar behind her back. As for the date, Sean and AshLee swim out to a catamaran which they take to a private island.

Surf’s Up: Sean wants to know if the drama in the house has subsided. He feels that AshLee is an honest person, so he believes everything she tells him about Tierra. Then the two of them share a moment that’s straight out of From Here to Eternity as they kiss and roll around on the surf.

Just the Way You Are: AshLee admits that she got married while she was still in high school back when she was having problems at home. Sean doesn’t care about any of that. He likes her just the way she is now. This has a relieved AshLee shouting joyfully into the night. One of the things she yells is that she loves Sean.

Long Distance Relationship: Tierra scores the second one-on-one date but complains because it’s going to be in town and not on a boat. Sean wants to use his time with her see if he can determine if this lady is truly who he thinks she is. He’s impressed by his date’s energy when a parade comes their way. Still, Tierra feels like Sean is being a little distant to her.

Closing the Distance: Sean admits that the drama Tierra has with the other women in the house is troubling. The date continues with Tierra telling Sean that she is falling for him. She proves this with a long hug and kiss. Sean concludes that Tierra may not be all that nice to the other women, but he has no doubt that she’s there for him.

Rise and Shine: Catherine, Desiree and Lindsay are picked for the group date. Sean wakes them very early in the morning. They go to the easternmost point in the U.S. to be the first people in the country to see the sunrise. The plan is to make it over to the other side of the island by nightfall so they can also see the sunset.

Road Trip: Sean and the ladies hit the road to visit a sugar mill, some farm animals and a cool tree house. Desiree seems to be connecting with Sean big time. However, Catherine is the one who has a serious chat with him about how her dad once tried to commit suicide. At the end of the date, Lindsay is the one who scores the rose.

The Comfort Zone: Lesley gets the final one-on-one date. She hesitates to open up to Sean, who notices that she won’t really make eye contact with him. They share a kiss. Sean knows the romance is there once Lesley gets comfortable.

More Tears from Tierra: As Sean chats with his sister about the ladies, Tierra confronts AshLee about how others are sabotaging her. The two of them go at each other in a full blown yelling match. The ladies have no idea that Sean is on his way back to the house. Tierra is in tears on her cot. Sean says he cares about her, but feels it’s time for her to go home. As for Tierra, she blames the other ladies for her fate. She takes solace in the fact that nobody can take her sparkle away.

The Rose Ceremony: Sean lets the other ladies know that he knew in his heart that Tierra was not going to be his wife. He knows exactly what he has to do, so they are skipping the cocktail party. Tierra has already gone home and Lindsay is safe with a rose from an earlier date. Here is the list of all the ladies who score a rose from Sean:





That means Lesley is following Tierra out the door. As for the remaining four ladies, it’s time to meet the parents as hometown dates are next!

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