S17 E10 Thailand

02/25/13 | TV-14 | CC

Lindsay: Sean and the ladies head to the south of Thailand. Lindsay is the first of the final three to head out on a date. Sean takes her to the local Thai market where they come across some cute colored birds. There are also some not-so-cute bugs. Lindsay dials up enough courage to dine on some of these creepy, crawly creatures. Sean appreciates her willingness to try new things. Later, they meet up with some monkeys on the beach. This perfect day has Sean believing this woman could be his wife.

Sean and Lindsay have dinner in front of some beautiful, traditional Thai floats. They are blown away by all the bright lights. Lindsay assures Sean that she’s willing to move to Texas should they get engaged. She also says that being with him feels right. She looks like she might finally be able to say she loves him until some dancers swing by to disrupt the moment. Sean presents Lindsay the fantasy suite invitation which she gladly accepts. Lindsay also finally tells Sean that she loves him.

AshLee: Sean lets AshLee know that they have their own private beach for their date, but they must swim to it through a dark, scary cave. They eventually find the light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, they need to do a little kissing before exiting the cave. AshLee feels this entire journey has been a life-changing experience. She’s not the same person she was when she started it.

AshLee and Sean chat about various reasons why they haven’t yet settled down. They also agree that an engagement really does mean you’re going to spend the rest of your life with that person. But before they talk about getting married, they have to decide about the fantasy suite. Sean reveals his intentions are only for the two of them to be alone distraction-free. He fears AshLee is going to say no at first, but she ultimately says yes because she trusts him.

Catherine: Sean and Catherine head out on a sailing expedition. It’s a time for some serious discussions. Sean wants to know if after all the fun of this adventure ends if she’s ready for a long commitment. Catherine got scared after a previous long relationship, but feels she’s truly ready to move to Dallas. Still, she has yet to tell Sean that she has fallen in love with him. That’s not going to stop them from having some snorkeling fun and kissing each other in the rain.

Catherine is very traditional when it comes to relationships. She admits that she thought about the fantasy suite before this whole adventure started. She got really nervous about not being seen as a lady, but her feelings have made her realize that it’s not about that. Sean confirms that the fantasy suite is all about spending uninterrupted time together. That’s why Catherine accepts the invitation.

The Rose Ceremony: Sean watches video messages from the ladies to help him decide who will stay and who he will have to send home. He’s been on the other side of this equation before with Emily, so he knows how difficult it is. Sean gives the first rose of the evening to Lindsay and the second one goes to Catherine. That means AshLee is headed home. She’s not happy about it. She doesn’t say goodbye to the other ladies and doesn’t want Sean to follow her. AshLee finally does let Sean speak his peace, but says nothing back. Sean’s words are only met with an icy, steely stare. AshLee later admits that she couldn’t say goodbye because she let him in. She thought he was the one.

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