S18 E02 Limo Arrivals

01/06/14 | TV-14 | CC

The New Bachelor: Juan Pablo Galavis, the former Venezuelan soccer player, stepped out of the limo to meet last season’s Bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock, and into the hearts of female fans across the country. Ladies everywhere were taken with his sincerity, easy-going charm and good looks. The dashing single dad, very devoted to his daughter, was ready to find love. The fans spoke and now Juan Pablo is back for his own chance to find the love of his life, wife and stepmother to his daughter. He begins his search for his soul mate, choosing from among 27 beautiful bachelorettes.

Been There, Done That: Juan Pablo enjoys some time with his adorable daughter when he is surprised by a visit from former Bachelor Sean Lowe, who offers some pointers on how he should handle his romantic adventure. Although not looking forward to having to send any of these beautiful bachelorettes home, Juan Pablo soon forgets about that when he hears the first screams of excitement from the limousines. It’s obvious the women are out to make a memorable first impression.

The Bachelorettes Arrive: Juan Pablo likes what he sees once all the ladies start filing out of the limos. Nurse Nikki pulls out a stethoscope and lets him listen to her heart. Vivacious dancer Kat invites him to show her his sexy salsa moves. Lucy went shoeless so she wouldn’t be too tall. The real showstopper is a music composer Lauren S, who arrives on a “piano bike” playing her own composition. Not to be outdone, one woman, Clare, shows up seven months pregnant (not really). And one bachelorette, Kelly, brings a date – her dog, Molly. Get the scoop on all the bachelorettes in their bio pages.

Let’s Dance: Juan Pablo tries to calm everyone’s nerves by surprising the women with an impromptu dance party and a spontaneous photo booth. As he tries to get to know the ladies individually, Nurse Nikki impresses with her commitment to caring for sick children. A lovely single mom connects with Juan Pablo as she shares stories about her eight-year-old son. But things get a little crazy when overzealous masseuse Amy J gets the Bachelor on her table and treats him to some of her best moves.

Making an Impression: Tensions run high once Chris Harrison brings out the first impression rose. Those who haven’t spoken with the handsome bachelor are growing more anxious by the minute. One recently heartbroken bachelorette, Lauren H, tearfully relates her story of being left by her former fiancé. Elegant opera singer Sharleen has come half away around the world to meet Juan Pablo, who finds her enchanting. As the party draws to a close, he offers her the coveted first impression rose. Sharleen is hesitant to accept it, but eventually does even though it’s a little early for her to know how she feels.

The Rose Ceremony: Sharleen is safe having scored the first impression rose. Here’s a list of all the ladies receiving roses from Juan Pablo on the first night:


Amy L.










Kelly(and Molly the Dog)

Lauren S




Sharleen (first impression rose)


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