S18 E04 Dog Adoption Photo Shoot

01/13/14 | TV-14 | CC

The 18 remaining bachelorettes move into the mansion with hopes that they will end up as Juan Pablo’s soul mate and future wife. Every single bachelorette is out to capture his heart. Let’s see if anyone springs into the lead.

Kissing in a Winter Wonderland: Juan Pablo flirtatiously blindfolds Clare for his first one-on-one date. He proceeds to drive her to a secret location on the outskirts of Los Angeles. To Clare’s amazement, she discovers that a snow-covered fantasy has been created for them right in the middle of balmy Los Angeles. The couple spends a magical evening sledding down mountains, building snowmen and ice skating on a private rink. Meanwhile, the free-spirited Lucy causes a stir back at the mansion when she decides to go topless in the hot tub over the objections of her new roommates.

Hot Tub Time: Juan Pablo uncovers an emotional side to Clare as she recounts the heart-wrenching story of her father’s death and how it has impacted her and her ability to open her heart to love. The Bachelor is moved enough to present Clare with a rose and a kiss in a hot tub. Moments later, the couple shares passionate kisses as they dance the night away while being serenaded in a private concert by singer-songwriter Josh Krajcik.

In Electric Company: The Bachelor has his second one-on-one date with Kat as the two of them jet off to Salt Lake City, Utah. Juan Pablo surprises his date mid-air when he changes into a glow-in-the dark athletic outfit – complete with a neon heart – and then gifts her with her own sparkling sporty ensemble. When they land in Salt Lake City, they are led to the starting line of the “Electric Run “ – the world’s premier nighttime 5k run. The two are surrounded by hundreds of enthusiastic runners. The couple survives the race and Kat gets a lovely red rose for her trophy case.

Photo Ops: 13 exuberant women show a different side to the Bachelor, as they participate in a photo shoot to benefit the charity “Best Friends Animal Society.” This is an organization that focuses on the plight of animals in need. Each bachelorette is assigned a dog and takes a photo with the pup and Juan Pablo. However, when several revealing costumes are unveiled, two women go into an emotional tailspin and have second thoughts about whether they should continue with the shoot. Lucy rushes to the aid of one of her struggling counterparts by offering to go “au natural.” Hey, she’s happy to take off her top!

Life Lesson: At that evening’s after party, Victoria steals the spotlight. She denies being tipsy when confronted by her counterparts. Victoria just wants to straddle Juan Pablo whenever possible. She says, “That’s what life is about… straddling people and things.” Words to live by.

I’ll Stop the World and Meltdown With You: Victoria has a bit of a meltdown over not getting one-on-one time and derails the night. Juan Pablo tries to have a chat with her, but it doesn’t go well. He knows how hard all this can be. At the end of the group date, Juan Pablo gives a rose to Kelly. He asks a favor of all the bachelorettes to make sure Victoria gets home safe and sound.

Homeward Bound: Juan Pablo visits Victoria at a hotel room where she apologizes for setting off “the crazy train.” Victoria explains that she was nervous and feels things very intensely. Still, Juan Pablo feels she is not ready for a relationship with him and, more importantly, his daughter. So he sends her packing. Cassandra considers going home, as she’s questioning leaving her son for all this. Juan Pablo assures her that he sees something in her and to let her know that he wants her to be here.

The Rose Ceremony: Clare, Kat and Kelly are safe from their dates. Here’s a full list of all the ladies receiving roses from Juan Pablo during Week 2:











Lauren S





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