S18 E06 Soccer Date

01/20/14 | TV-14 | CC

15 lovely ladies remain as Juan Pablo continues his search for true love. Week 3 brings two one-on-one dates and a group date featuring one of the Bachelor’s true passions—soccer! But first he has a rendezvous with a sexy single mom.

The Mother of All Dates: Single mom, Cassandra, after anguishing about leaving her son behind, is rewarded with the first one-on-one date. Juan Pablo takes her on a seaside ride in a super cool tricked-out Jeep. Cassandra is shocked when he makes a sharp turn into the ocean and the vehicle is transformed into a water car. The couple spends a wonderful afternoon aboard a magnificent yacht. Later, at Juan Pablo’s house, he cooks a romantic dinner for two. After sharing passionate kisses and a sexy salsa, Juan Pablo offers up a rose. Cassandra gladly accepts.

Kickin’ It with The Bachelor: Juan Pablo loves soccer, as the women are well aware, and now ten of them attempt to show off their soccer skills when they arrive at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, California. This place is the home of two-time Major League Soccer World Champions the Los Angeles Galaxy. After demonstrating some of his signature moves while warming up with a few of the pros, Juan Pablo splits the women into two teams. Game on!

Postgame Rose: The ladies battle it out on the soccer field, but the true game is the fight for Juan Pablo’s attention. The real competition heats up at the after party when the women try to win the group date rose. Sharleen, Andi and Nikki all think their connections with the Bachelor are heating up. Only one gets a private chat with Juan Pablo smack dab in the middle of the soccer field. That would be Sharleen, who has a make-out moment as the other girls watch from afar. But at the end of the date, Nikki gets the rose.

Might As Well Jump: Chelsie needs to face her fears as she learns her one-on-one date will be a tandem bungee jump with Juan Pablo off the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, California. It’s a nerve-wracking moment. Chelsie it truly terrified but Juan Pablo assures her that she doesn’t have to do this if she doesn’t want to. This makes her trust him completely. With arms around each other, they take this leap of faith together. They share their first kiss while hanging upside down. It’s all very Spider-man.

Hall Pass: Chelsie shares a romantic dinner with Juan Pablo at Pasadena’s City Hall. To top it all off, the evening ends with the sexy couple dancing the night away to the songs of country music artist Billy Currington, who gives them a private concert shortly after Juan Pablo gives Chelsie a rose.

Most Important Meal of the Day: It’s the day of the Rose Ceremony, and an excited Juan Pablo heads to the mansion early in the morning to give the women a surprise. He cooks them a feast of a classic Venezuelan breakfast. But some women don’t have their “game face” on. That’s cool. Juan Pablo thinks several of them look very sexy in pajamas.

Pool Party: The Bachelor follows up the informal breakfast with another surprise: he cancels the cocktail party and puts on an all-afternoon pool party in its place. The women clamor to get alone time with Juan Pablo with Kat drawing the ire of some of the ladies. Sharleen is reduced to tears after a stressful day poolside, but a hug and kiss from Juan Pablo helps. An emotional Clare lets jealously get the better of her when she sees other bachelorettes who might have stronger connections with the man she desires.

The Rose Ceremony: Cassandra, Nikki and Chelsie are safe from their dates. Here’s a full list of all the ladies receiving roses from Juan Pablo during Week 3:










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