S18 E08 Seoul, South Korea

01/27/14 | TV-14 | CC

13 lovely ladies remain as Juan Pablo continues his search for true love. Week 4 brings a lone one-on-one date and a pair of group dates, with one that totally rocks!

A Seoul Man: Juan Pablo begins his international journey to find true love with a fascinating trip to Seoul, South Korea. Although he’s hesitant to leave his daughter behind on this part of his adventure, he’s anticipating exploring the city with 13 amazing women.

K-Pop Stars: Six lucky ladies join Juan Pablo to meet K-Pop superstars 2NE1, the most popular singing group in the country. The music makers put everyone through their paces, teaching them a choreographed routine to one of their chart-topping hits. Then Juan Pablo and the six beautiful women must perform as background dancers during a concert in front of a live audience. Kat has no problem showing off her expertise and making sure Juan Pablo knows it. Nikki has a serious case of stage fright but forges ahead. She rubs some of the other ladies the wrong way. Nevertheless, Nikki gets rose at the end if date.

Sharleen on Me: A nervous Sharleen, who is questioning her connection with the Bachelor, shares a wonderful, romantic day with him. They explore a quaint Korean market, buying souvenirs and trying local exotic foods. Later, they stop at a traditional teahouse where they share a memorable bond. Sharleen finally drops her reserve and opens up to Juan Pablo about her doubts and fears. In a very touching moment, the professional opera singer gives him a secret performance in a private courtyard. However, when Juan Pablo questions Sharleen about balancing her career with motherhood, there is some silence before she doles out her thoughts. Juan Pablo appreciates her honesty and offers her a rose.

Let’s Go Craze-Y: Six lucky women go on an outrageous escapade better known as a “Korean Craze,” including singing karaoke, going for a river tour on swan-shaped pedal boats and enduring a fish pedicure. To make things more interesting, the Bachelor, with his daughter uppermost in his mind, decides that night to take a step back and not kiss anyone. He does, however, give out a rose to Andi.

As the Rose Turns: The drama ramps up at the cocktail party as the women agree that anyone already with a rose should give the others a chance at some alone time with Juan Pablo. But a rose-holding Nikki breaks the agreement and steals the Bachelor away. She thinks Clare blabbed to him about her. A face-off between the two women ensues, making for a tension-filled room.

The Rose Ceremony: Nikki, Sharleen and Andi are safe from their dates. Here’s a full list of all the ladies receiving roses from Juan Pablo during Week 4:












That means Elise and Lauren S are headed home. As for the remaining 11 bachelorettes, they get to pack their bags for the next stop on the romantic world tour with Juan Pablo: Vietnam!

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