S18 E09 Vietnam

02/03/14 | TV-14 | CC

Breathtaking Vietnam becomes the romantic backdrop for Juan Pablo and the 11 remaining bachelorettes as they continue their quest for love.

Tailor-Made Date: Renee is overjoyed when she is picked for a one-on-one date. She and Juan Pablo act like two giddy teenagers as they explore the picturesque city of Hoi An, stopping to buy gifts and soaking up the culture hand-in-hand. Renee gets a special surprise as the Bachelor takes her to a shop where she is fitted for a tailor-made dress to wear during their romantic dinner together. It’s a nice evening that ends with a rose for Renee.

Stormy Waters: Nine bachelorettes explore the Vietnamese countryside with Juan Pablo. The women pair up, but Clare is left alone and ends up accompanying the dashing single dad on a river ride. Juan Pablo steals a romantic kiss and sets off a firestorm among the other ladies who feel that Clare is getting some extra attention.

Making Waves: The ladies accompany Juan Pablo into a Vietnamese family’s home where they take part in the preparation of a traditional meal. Later, Juan Pablo spends even more time with Clare as they skip away for a romantic dip in the pool. He also shares some secret smooches with Sharleen. But, at the end of the date, Clare gets the rose. She wants more though. She sneaks off to lure Juan Pablo out for a late night swim in the ocean.

One Helluva Date: Nikki meets Juan Pablo at the Vietnamese landmark Marble Mountain for a day of adventure, but she is terrified when she finds out that she must rappel 100 feet straight down into a dark cave named Hell. However, at the bottom is a pleasant surprise in the form of a candlelit dinner for two. There’s also a rose, which Nikki gladly accepts. She gets a kiss, too.

The Cocktail Party: At one of the most dramatic cocktail parties of the season, the Bachelor tries to reassure some of the women with romantic gestures—one of which is a kiss with Renee. Juan Pablo wonders if he made a mistake going into the ocean with Clare. Their chat has her reduced to tears when she feels like she disrespected his daughter.

The Rose Ceremony: Renee, Clare and Nikki are safe from their dates. Here’s a full list of all the ladies receiving roses from Juan Pablo during Week 5:









That means Alli, Danielle and Kelly are headed home. As for the remaining 8 bachelorettes, they get to accompany Juan Pablo on a thrilling journey to New Zealand.

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