S18 E10 New Zealand

02/10/14 | TV-14 | CC

Love blooms in the lush island country of New Zealand as Juan Pablo’s adventure continues with the eight remaining women.

Squeeze Play: Andi, desperate to get alone time with the Bachelor, claims the week’s first one-on-one date. After a thrilling speedboat ride through Tutukau Gorge, Andi and Juan Pablo arrive at a mysterious location called “The Squeeze.” She must trust her date to lead her through a cold, murky waterway sandwiched between tight crevices which leads them to a magical waterfall. Here, the river is heated by the red hot magma below the surface.

Hold Your Water: Juan Pablo plans a romantic dinner for two with bubbling geysers as a backdrop. All the sexual chemistry of the evening is interrupted by a poorly-timed geyser. Andi and Juan Pablo are soaked. Dinner is ruined, but the night is not a total loss. Andi gets a rose and a kiss as more geysers blow their top in the backdrop.

Put Out to Pasture: Six ladies join Juan Pablo as he surprises them by taking them to a remote pasture for a pure adrenaline rush date. The group experiences the Ogo, which is a giant sphere you sit inside as it rolls down a steep hill. Needless to say, Juan Pablo had a ball rolling around with a bunch of lovely ladies in bikinis.

Breaking a Hobbit: One homesick bachelorette, Cassandra, finally makes her presence known to the Bachelor on her birthday. The after-party proves a special treat as the group explores the fictional wonderland created for the hit movie Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit.” At the end of the date, Juan Pablo gives Sharleen the rose, but he also wants to chat with Cassandra. He’s just not feeling it with her. That’s why he sends her home sooner rather than later.

Clare Repair: An outspoken Clare does her best to mend her connection with Juan Pablo after her tearful confrontation with him during last week’s cocktail party in Vietnam. The two meet for a private picnic near a beautiful river running through the New Zealand countryside. The kisses they share at the end of the date lead one to believe all is well in Clare-ville. The rose she gets is also a good sign.

The Rose Ceremony: Cassandra has gone home and Andi, Sharleen and Clare are safe from their dates. Here’s a full list of all the ladies receiving roses from Juan Pablo during Week 6:







That means Kat is heading home. The six remaining women will move on to join the dashing Bachelor in his home of Miami as the women’s hometown dates loom.

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