S18 E13 St. Lucia

02/25/14 | TV-14 | CC

Romantic adventures await Juan Pablo and the final three women—Andi, Clare and Nikki—as they travel to the lush Caribbean island St. Lucia where a night in the fantasy suite awaits at the end of each date.

No Man is an Island: Juan Pablo’s Caribbean adventure begins as he meets Clare at a local fishing port. They cruise in a small boat along the coast toward the Pitons, two massive remnants of volcanic domes. They meet later for an intimate dinner where they discuss that future and the importance of Juan Pablo’s daughter, Camila. When the Bachelor brings up a night in the fantasy suite, Clare says she most definitely wants to spend more time with him. Alone.

Falling For You: Andi and Juan Pablo immerse themselves in local traditions at the Seafood Fiesta, tasting native foods, having fun playing steel drums and taking part in a pick-up soccer game with some neighborhood kids. The Bachelor proceeds to surprise his date with a visit to Latille Falls – a magnificent waterfall in the middle of a rainforest. The already smitten bachelorette is even more love struck when Juan Pablo reassures her that he is there for the right reasons. So, will she accept the invitation to the fantasy suite? The answer to that one is an enthusiastic yes.

The Morning After: Juan Pablo was all smiles after the night in the fantasy suite. He feels it was a great night. Andi, on the other hand, thought it was a total disaster. She felt that Juan Pablo didn’t really care about what she wanted out of life. She also didn’t appreciate him mentioning that he had an overnight date with Clare. Andi realizes Juan Pablo has no filter. She wants to be with a guy who loves her more than he loves himself. She knows this relationship is not going to work.

Horsing Around: Still struggling with the thought of having to send anyone home, Juan Pablo takes Nikki on a romantic horseback ride through a forest and along the shore. A private beach is the setting for the perfect picnic. But Nikki is still struggling to confess her love for Juan Pablo. She does, however, agree to spend the night with him in the fantasy suite. She also tells him that she loves him.

Let’s go to the Videotape: More torn than ever, Juan Pablo sits down with Chris Harrison to discuss his incredible week. His feelings for each of these unique women have grown, but the decision he dreads is at hand. Juan Pablo views private video messages from each woman, but Andi wants to share her thoughts in person.

From Fantasy to Nightmare: Andi lets an unsuspecting Juan Pablo know how she felt after their night in the fantasy suite. She’s not in love with him. Juan Pablo is okay with that. That actually upsets Andi even more. She believes his casual attitude means he doesn’t have any feelings for her at all. Things get real combative real fast. Juan Pablo says Andi barely made it to this point of the journey. This is his way of clarifying what he meant when she made there “by default.” Juan Pablo and Andi go their separate ways.

And Then There Were Two: Andi’s departure means that Juan Pablo will make his final decision between two very different ladies. Clare and Nikki have gone after each other fairly often during this journey. Now there’s only one thing left for them to go after: Juan Pablo’s heart.

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