S19 E06 Week 6: Deadwood, SD

02/09/15 | TV-14 | CC

She’s Such a Panic: All hell breaks loose when Kelsey faints after having a panic attack due to a canceled cocktail party. It happens. Paramedics are called in. That’s good since none of the other bachelorettes are racing to help. Perhaps they have no medical training. Or maybe they just think it’s all an act. Kelsey bounces back after a visit from Chris. Then it’s onto the cocktail party where, yes, Kelsey scores a rose. Mackenzie and Samantha, however, aren’t so lucky. Thankfully, neither of them fainted.

Horsing Around: It’s on to Deadwood, South Dakota for a taste of the Wild West. Becca is the lucky woman going on a one-on-one date. She and Chris meet at the foot of the Black Hills National Forest where he is looking forward to a first kiss. Their romantic horseback ride ends with an intimate dinner in front of a crackling campfire. They share plenty of laughs, but things turn serious when the couple gets cozy. Becca gets a rose and that elusive first kiss to boot.

Calling Out Kelsey: Drama ensues when the women, fed up with the ever-calculating Kelsey, decide to call her out on her questionable behavior. Kelsey promises to be more mindful of what she says to the ladies, but assures the world she’s in it to win it once she’s out of earshot.

Feeling Big & Rich: A group of the ladies are shocked to meet country superstars Big & Rich, but when they find out they need to write and perform their own love songs in front of a live audience, most of them come down with a major case of stage fright. One woman, however, seems quite at home, as she steals some red-hot kisses from the Bachelor in front of the other bachelorettes.

Feeling Small & Dissed: Chris starts things off with an off-key rendition of his song about his journey to find love. The women go on stage, one at a time, attempting to sing their hearts out in a struggle to earn Chris’ attention. But in a total twist, Chris grabs one lady and takes her to a sold out Big & Rich concert, leaving a group of jealous ladies in their wake.

Bad Blood in the Badlands: On the always unpredictable two-on-one date, Chris takes two combative women, Kelsey and Ashley I, on a helicopter ride over breathtaking Mount Rushmore before landing in the middle of the Badlands. Each bachelorette figures she will send the other one packing. The two of them badmouth each other to Chris and what transpires is one of the most explosive altercations ever. When the dust clears, both ladies are asked to go home.

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