S19 E02 Week 2: Tractor Race

01/12/15 | TV-14 | CC

Hard to Say Goodbye: The drama begins immediately as the 22 remaining bachelorettes are shocked when Kimberly, who had been eliminated, suddenly returns to steal the Bachelor away. She makes an emotional plea for a second chance. Chris grants her wish. The other ladies greet this decision with scattered applause and slow claps. In other words, they aren’t happy.

Hope They Didn’t Stick to the Seats: Chris and six gorgeous women strip down to sexy swimsuits for a rooftop pool party. The competition heats up as the ladies race tractors on the streets of Los Angeles. They are all still in their bikinis, so hopefully those tractors didn’t have leather seats. The top tractor girl in town turns out to be Ashley I, but Mackenzie gets a one-on-one date and a rose at the end of the day.

A Grand Gesture: Megan initially believes the date card she gets from Chris is just a little love note. She’s shocked to learn that she’ll actually be going out with him. Megan and Chris joyously share a wonderful helicopter ride high over the Grand Canyon. During a picnic lunch, the conversation turns serious. The young beauty opens up about the story of her father’s tragic passing. Later, some romantic kisses lead Chris to believe there’s enough chemistry there to warrant a rose.

The Walking Dread: Eleven unsuspecting ladies are “attacked” by a horde of zombies with only paintball guns to survive until their heroic Bachelor rescues them. After surviving the attack, a fun-loving, a trigger-happy Ashley S exhibits some bizarre antics and jaw-dropping declarations. As unusual as she acts, Chris is willing to reserve judgment for the moment.

Free Kisses, But No Rose: On the romantic side, things between Chris and first impression rose recipient, Britt, are burning up. The Bachelor gives her a note that’s a ticket to a free kiss with Chris. Despite a series of red hot smooches, Kaitlyn is the one who gets the rose at the end of the date. She knows she’s on his radar now.

Virgin Territory: The pressure is undeniable at the cocktail party as the women fight for Chris’ attention. Ashley I reveals a secret to the women. She’s a virgin. She then proceeds to make sure that her alone time with Chris is hot and heavy, leading to one of the steamiest make out sessions in Bachelor history. Later, a somewhat intoxicated Jordan wants to move in for the kill. In other words, she wants to make out with Chris. Unfortunately, things get real awkward, real fast. No kisses for Jordan.

The Rose Ceremony: The drama of the ceremony is amplified when Jillian accidentally steps forward as Chris calls out another woman’s name. She almost takes a header after slipping on the floor, but manages to laugh it off. She scores a rose a little bit later minus the slip. Here’s a full list of all the lovely ladies who received a rose during the second week where returnee Kimberly upped her record to 0-2.


Ashley I.

Ashley S.
















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