S19 E04 Week 4: Camping

01/26/15 | TV-14 | CC

Tops and Bottoms: Eight excited women are treated to a wonderful day at the beach at Lake Piru, but no one thinks about cooling off. Instead, a red-hot competition breaks out between two women who shed parts of their bikinis to catch Chris' eye. Kaitlyn drops her drawers, while one other lovely lady loses her top. Everyone is having a good time. Well, everyone but Kelsey, who is not impressed by the dingy lake.

The S'More the S'Merrier: Chris springs a surprise on the bachelorettes when he tells them they will set up camp and stay at the lake for the night. Singing campfire songs and eating s'mores are followed by one high-spirited lady getting the group rose date. However, Chris won't get much sleep. One assertive bachelorette sneaks into his tent in the middle of the night, shares a shocking revelation with him, and then a hot make-out session ensues. At the end of it all, Kaitlyn is the one who gets the rose.

Sister Act: Back at the house, seven women are surprised by Chris' three sisters. They are all intent on finding their brother a wife and interrogate the bachelorettes to find the one special lady they will pick to go on an extraordinarily romantic date with him. They pick a shy Jade, who has been overshadowed by those with big personalities. Little do they know that she has a secret she has kept from Chris.

A Cinderella Story: The next morning, three stylists turn Jade into a real-life Cinderella. At night, she is whisked away to a magical ball just for her and her Prince Farming. Chris overwhelms his princess with a private concert by the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and a special sneak peek at Disney's new movie Cinderella. They waltz until midnight. There will be no pumpkin for Jade, but there will be a rose.

A San Francisco Treat: It's off to San Francisco for Chris and six bachelorettes for the last group date. Dressed in wedding gowns, the women have to complete a difficult mud run with the losers going home and the winner spending a romantic night with Chris. Just so happens the winner, Jillian, is a frontrunner in the race for the Bachelor's heart, and she leaves the other five women in the dust.

Marriage Material?: An amorous mood is set at dinner overlooking the glittering city by the bay, and Chris has a chance to find out about another side of this stunning beauty. The question is… Will she capture his heart or leave without a rose? At the end of the date, Chris just isn't feeling it. Jillian is upset with herself for not showing more vulnerability. There will be no rose for her at the end of this date. Jillian is going home.

Virgin Territory: Anxiety fills the cocktail party, as Ashley I wants to make sure that Chris really understood the eye-opening message that she's virgin. She tried to say it at the campsite and believes she has now freaked out Chris. Ashley feels a little relief when Becca admits that she's a virgin, too.

The Right Reasons: Britt questions Chris about the type of women who he considers rose-worthy. It's an awkward conversation. Chris tries to explain that he's not rewarding inappropriate behavior. He says he appreciates Britt's honesty, but then abruptly leaves. He addresses all of the ladies to assure them that he is, indeed, there for the right reasons.

The Rose Ceremony: Chris admits that it's been a difficult week. He makes the difficult decision to send three more ladies home. Here is the list of all those who received roses:

Ashley I.











That means Ashley S, Juelia and Nikki will be joining Jillian on a journey to find love outside of the mansion.

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