S19 E05 Week 5: Santa Fe

02/02/15 | TV-14 | CC

Chris and the 11 remaining women begin their journey around the country to find love in picturesque Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Love Guru: Carly is the lucky woman to get the first one-on-one date. The couple has a very awkward, intimate meeting with the “Love Guru,” who puts them through a series of sexual exercises which leave them practically naked. They bond over their mutual discomfort. The sexual tension worked to Carly’s advantage, as she gets a rose.

The Widow: Kelsey, who shares the story of her late husband’s death with the other bachelorettes, is considered disingenuous in the way she is presenting herself. She vows, however, to do whatever it takes to win Chris’ heart.

The River Wild: Nine adventurous women accompany Chris on a whitewater rafting trip to the Rio Grande River for one of the wildest rides of their lives. The outdoor adventure quickly turns dangerous when one bachelorette falls overboard into the icy rushing water. After the mishap, the group relaxes at a local hotel and gets ready to spend a special night with the Bachelor. However…

Blast from the Past: Jordan, a woman that Chris previously said goodbye to, returns to crash the party and attempts to get another chance to win Chris’ heart. The Bachelor complies with her wishes while dealing with the reactions of the rest of the women. Chris ultimately realizes that he can’t keep Jordan around, as it isn’t fair to the other ladies. He says goodbye to her again. As for the rose, that goes to Whitney.

Britt Happens: The next day, Chris sneaks into Britt’s hotel room in the early morning hours and whisks her away on one of the most romantic dates of the season: a hot air balloon ride as the sun rises. Part two of the couple’s passionate date might put this woman’s way ahead of the group. Britt gets the rose and a few undercover kisses to boot. Too bad the other bachelorettes don’t think she is being truthful about her intentions.

Kelsey Lately: Britt’s revelatory play-by-play of her date with Chris pushes Kelsey to make a secret visit to him. She tells her heartbreaking personal story which leads to their first kiss. Kelsey believes all of this will lead to her getting a rose this evening.

Getting Emotional: Chris was hit hard by the emotional conversation he had with Kelsey. He can’t keep it together. He has to excuse himself. Kelsey talks about their talk to the other ladies. The other women don’t buy her as being a genuine person. As for Chris, he knows exactly what he wants to do this night. There will be no cocktail party and the Rose Ceremony will have to wait. That’s because Kesley has just collapsed on the floor. To be continued.

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