S19 E08 Week 7: Iowa

02/15/15 | TV-PG | CC

Iowa-Bound: Chris puts a difficult, heart-wrenching week behind him, but tough decisions remain at the cocktail party in Deadwood, South Dakota, where he sends home easygoing, carefree bachelorette Megan. He proceeds to break the rules once more and the other lucky women accompany him to his home state of Iowa, where they get a sneak peek of what life with the Bachelor might be like.

Game On: Jade has the other women pea-green with envy as Chris picks her to go to Arlington with him. She is skeptical as they tour the tiny town, but falls in love with its people – including Chris’ parents -- once they attend a local high school football game. Chris is thrilled that Jade would be up for sharing a life with him in Iowa.

Time to Meet the Friends: Whitney and Chris visit Iowa’s state capital of Des Moines, where they are inspired by a photo exhibit celebrating love to snap their own photos, capturing what love means to them. Afterwards, Chris introduces Whitney to his best friends, who grill her on her intentions. Will she raise red flags or win their hearts? It’s the latter. Whitney has their blessing.

The Road to Arlington: Back at the hotel, the remaining women decide to take a spontaneous road trip to Arlington to explore it themselves. In an OMG moment, they all finally realize what their future might be like. Britt is having second thoughts about whether this is what life really has in store for her, but then she changes her mind about Iowa much to the surprise of the other ladies.

Reassured: On this week’s group date, Chris takes three women to an ice skating rink for some fun, but clashing interests has one jealous woman warning him that Britt isn’t being truthful about her love of his hometown. Chris doesn’t see it that way though. He also sees how distressed Kaitlyn is feeling about things. Chris alleviates her fears by giving her a rose. She’s going on a hometown date!

Britt Bites Back: Britt is not happy that Kaitlyn got a rose. She’s not shy about saying that she’s hurt and confused. She goes on a controlled rant about how she doesn’t want her future husband to look at her as a second choice. Chris isn’t sure what position Britt is trying to put him in at the moment. He tells her that there’s always tomorrow before abruptly leaving the room. Carly is happy that Chris finally saw her housemate’s true colors. Is this the end of the line for Britt?

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