S20 E01 Season 20 Premiere: Week 1

01/04/16 | TV-14 | CC

Handsome software salesman Ben Higgins may not have been Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe’s future husband, but thankfully he is getting another shot at finding love in front of America. Ben’s journey as the Season 20 Bachelor has officially begun and this season looks to be as drama-filled as it gets.

Before Ben gets to meet the 28 women vying for a chance at his heart, he receives some helpful advice from three men who know exactly how it feels to be the object of numerous women’s attention. Former Bachelors Sean Lowe (Season 17), Jason Mesnick (Season 13) and last season's Prince Farming, Chris Soules all offered some great tips for Ben to use with the ladies. Sean encouraged Ben to take his time with the contestants as he didn’t start having feelings for future wife Catherine Giudici until half way through the process. Chris advised the Season 20 Bachelor to try and make the women feel comfortable and ease their nerves. Because keeping a large group of ladies all competing for one man’s attention happy couldn’t be too hard, right?

After his chat with the veterans, it was finally time for Ben to meet his bachelorettes. As everyone knows, first impressions are everything on the Bachelor and Ben’s contestants were no exception. Many of the women made memorable entrances. Lace, a 25-year-old real estate agent made a bold move by giving Ben the first kiss right out of the limo. Lauren R. confesses she has been stalking the Bachelor on Instagram, only to be so nervous she forgets to tell Ben her name. Other women were hoping to impress with a little animal magnetism. JoJo, a cute real estate developer meets Ben face-to-face for the first time wearing a unicorn head and Maegan, a cowgirl from Texas, brings a tiny pony with her to the mansion.

Twenty-six bachelorettes settle into the mansion only to be disrupted by the arrival of two more women competing for Ben’s affections. Unsurprisingly, the contestants are less than pleased Becca and Amber, who were both rejected from Chris Soules Bachelor season are mixed in with them for another chance at finding love on the series. Despite a lot of memorable hellos, including one contestant who wore a giant rose on her head (Mandi), only one woman could receive Ben’s first impression rose. The lucky lady was Olivia, a bubbly news anchor.

Then it was time for the first rose ceremony. As expected, the first big elimination of the season didn’t go off without drama. Despite receiving the last rose of the night, Lace wasn’t satisfied and pulled Ben aside to give the Bachelor a piece of her mind. To Ben’s (and everyone else’s) surprise, Lace was upset Ben didn’t make eye contact with her during the rose ceremony. Needless to say Ben certainly has his work cut out for him during his Season 20 journey.

Who out of the 28 made Ben’s first cut? Check out the results below:

Received a Rose/Continuing on:

Olivia – First Impression

Lauren B.
















Lauren H.




Did Not Receive a Rose/Eliminated:





Lauren R.



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