S20 E03 Week 3: Soccer Date

01/18/16 | TV-14 | CC

The stunning departure of LB, who refused Ben’s rose, set the Bachelor back on his heels momentarily, but there are 17 women, who are anxious to spend time with him—some more than others and one not at all.

Into the Hot Tub, Flyboy: Lauren B and Ben soar off into the wild blue yonder in a bi-plane. They cruise past the mansion where the other ladies look up with envy. As for Ben and Lauren B, they land in a secluded spot where a hot tub waits. And, no, Kevin Hart wasn’t there this time. Guess that’s why there was a lot more kissing. The date ends with a private performance by Lucy Angel, not to mention a rose for Lauren B.

Kickin’ It: Twelve ladies are involved in an intense soccer competition, coached by Alex Morgan and Kelley O’Hara of the World Cup Champion U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. Let the games begin! Winner scores an after-party date with Ben. Rachel gets a little banged up and the entire losing team feels the agony of defeat as they head home to the mansion Ben-less.

Fat Toes, a First Rose & What Olivia Knows: The ladies get ticked when Olivia steals Ben away for some private time in a hotel room. A discussion about this aggressive bachelorette’s fat toes ensues. Later, Olivia knows that Ben is thinking of her by the way he pushes off on her leg when he gets up from being seated amongst all the ladies. Leg pushes aside, she group date rose goes to Amber—her first ever!

Yes, He’s a Leg Man: Jubilee is in for a real treat as she and Ben chopper off for a romantic tryst at an exclusive spa. Before they leave, she jokes about having someone else go on the date because she’s afraid of heights. The other ladies didn’t find the comment very funny. As for the helicopter ride, Jubilee’s nerves are calmed when Ben places his hand on her leg. Don’t tell Olivia!

Layers: Jubilee admits that she was excited and surprised to get the date card. She was happy to get a genuine laugh out of him, but also wants to make sure he’s able to relax. Hugging and kissing in a peaceful pool is one way to release some tension. Later, Jubilee opens up about her difficult past. Ben wants to get to know all of her layers. So a rose is offered and accepted.

Massage Received: The ladies were shocked to see that Jubilee got a rose. Things take a dramatic turn when Ben announces that two people he was close with back home passed away. Olivia steals him right away, but not to comfort him. Instead she opts to talk about her ankles. Later, Jubilee gives Ben a nice massage. The rest of the ladies are completely understanding about this. Okay, they’re not at all.

For the Love of Lace: Amber tries to bring Jubilee in for a group chat with a few of the girls. That’s not gonna happen. Jubilee storms off. Ben ends up consoling her. Amber comes in to try to explain where all the tension is coming from. Ben can see how intense and emotional things are getting. Enter Lace! Tears flow. Lace admits that she needs to learn to love herself before she can love someone else. So she heads home.

The Rose Ceremony: After an emotional round of dates, drama and real-life curveballs, Ben lets the world know who will continue on in his journey to find true love. Below is rundown of the roses. See you next week!

Rose Received


Amber (Group Date Rose)







Jubilee (One-on-One Date Rose)

Lauren B (One-on-One Date Rose)

Lauren H




No Rose Offered



Quit the Competion


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