S20 E10 Week 9: Jamaica

02/29/16 | TV-14 | CC

Romantic adventures await Ben Higgins and the final three bachelorettes – Caila, JoJo and Lauren B. – as they travel to beautiful Jamaica. From rescuing a nest of endangered baby sea turtles to a dip at a magical waterfall deep in the jungle, the dates are filled with passion and excitement. Who receives a rose? Who goes home broken-hearted? And just how does Ben make Bachelor history? Keep reading!

Caila's Fantasy Date: Ben shares an adventurous rafting trip down a jungle river with Caila, who is still struggling with the fact that there are other women vying for the Bachelor's heart. Caila's inability to share her insecurity is holding her back from expressing her true feelings to Ben. That night over a romantic dinner on the beach, Caila decides it's now or never. Finally, with Ben's patient persuasion, she is able to share all the pent-up emotions she has had. Ben is overwhelmed, but will she have opened up in enough time?

Lauren's Fantasy Date: Lauren B. joins Ben on a preservation mission of baby turtles. Afterwards, the couple sits on the beach, discussing their potential future together and the emotional hometown date they shared last week. Lauren finally has her own breakthrough, finally telling Ben she loves him. But what Ben replies will shock Bachelor Nation and make Bachelor history. He admits he loves her too!

JoJo's Fantasy Date: Ben goes into his final date of the week more confused than ever. JoJo is nervous after her contentious hometown date but is hoping it won't derail her relationship with Ben. They fly off in a helicopter, arriving at a storybook setting: a magnificent waterfall deep in the jungle. The two take a dip before they get down to more serious matters: expressing their deep feelings for one another. Turns out… Ben is in love with two women. When JoJo expresses her love for the Bachelor, he surprises her and tells her he loves her too.

Time to Say Goodbye: The next day, Caila, hoping for more time with Ben, surprises him in his bachelor pad. Unfortunately, it's not the surpise she was hoping to make. Ben's feelings have grown for Lauren B. and JoJo in ways they haven't for Caila. He leaves her crushed when he admits he has to send her home. A heartbroken Caila gets ready to leave… but not before having a final word with the Bachelor.

Roses Received


Lauren B.

No Rose Offered


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