S20 E12 Season Finale: Week 10

03/14/16 | TV-PG | CC

Ben’s search for his soul mate is almost over, and after many tears, much drama and countless surprises, it has come down to two captivating women: Lauren B. and JoJo. The Bachelor brings both women to meet his family in hopes that their insight will help him decide which bachelorette would be the best fit for him and his family.

Lauren B. makes a lasting first impression with Ben’s parents, but she must win over his dad in particular. JoJo, although a little nervous, also leaves his folks equally impressed. Her vulnerability especially appeals to Ben’s mother. Although his parents have strong feelings for both women, Ben is still undecided. His only hope is that his last dates with each bachelorette will help him make the biggest decision of his life.

Ben’s date with Lauren B. doesn’t go according to plan. His unexpected behavior sends this woman into panic mode. Then, during his final date with JoJo, she confesses that she cannot picture life without him. Although JoJo is confident of her feelings for Ben, he drops a bombshell and admits he’s in love with Lauren B. as well. Instead of the dates bringing clarity to his situation, they leave him with more doubt.

Confused and uncertain on that final day, it looks like Ben may not be able to make a final decision. But he listens to his heart and realizes he can’t imagine life without… Lauren B! He first must break the bad news to a heartbroken JoJo.

Then the moment finally arrives: Ben gets down on one knee and proposes to Lauren B. She is over-the-moon excited and assures him she can’t wait to become his wife. There is only one thing left for Ben to do. He offers Lauren B. his final rose. She, of course, accepts. 

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