S20 E02 Week 2: Back to School

01/11/16 | TV-14 | CC

It's Week 2 of Bachelor Ben's ongoing journey to find true love. There are so many women to choose from, yet so few roses to hand out. Who will be moving on with Ben and who will be moving out of the mansion? Let's find out with all a Week 2 recap!

Big Bachelor on Campus: Welcome to Bachelor High! Ben greets 10 ladies at a local Los Angeles high school where he invites them to take a trip down memory lane, but Lace is desperate to redeem herself after her erratic behavior at the first rose ceremony. The ladies compete in classes to be Ben's homecoming queen.

Classroom Hijinks: School day challenges include a science experiment to be the first to "make Ben's volcano explode" There's an apple-bobbing event in the cafeteria. Geography class has the ladies trying to place Ben's home state of Indiana on a map. The free throw challenge in gym class was not exactly of an all-star caliber.

Afterschool Special Lady: At the end of the school day, the homecoming queen was decided on the race track where Mandi won the day. Everyone with a schoolgirl crush on the Bachelor was getting a little peeved at Lace for trying to get double-time with Ben. But at the end of the first group date, it was JoJo who scored a rose.

Ride Along 4: Chris Harrison gets the first one-on-one date off to an exciting start when he introduces Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, fresh from the set of Ride Along 2, to Ben and his date, Caila. They are off on a rollicking start with some haggling over flowers (thanks, Kevin Hart) and a trip to the liquor store (thanks, Ice Cube).

Hot Tub Time To Go: A totally cheap date ends up with Ben and Caila taking a hot tub for a test drive. These two find themselves in uncharted waters while sharing this bubbly moment with Kevin Hart, who if a firm believer in bathing suits being optional.

Alone Time: Once Ice Cube and Kevin Hart leave the Bachelor and his date alone for a more intimate evening, Ben and Caila get to know each other. The evening ends with a special performance by popular singer-songwriter Amos Lee. Oh, and it also ends with a rose for Caila.

The Lab: Group Date #2 includes a visit to The Lab tests six bachelorettes to see who among them has the best connection to Ben. There's a smell test because, as we all know, the nose knows love. Samantha brings home the lowest score on the overall test. The highest mark went to Olivia, who also won a rose.

Laced with Tears: The ladies are a little ticked that a rose-bearing Olivia still seems to be scoring all sorts of time with Ben. Lace calls her out on it. Then she makes her way to Ben to explain her "bold personality" but feels the "insecure Lace she let out ruined her chances with Ben. She leaves their conversation in tears.

The Rose Ceremony: The week culminates when the drama-filled rose ceremony has one lady making a stunning decision. LB is offered a rose, but claims she doesn't want to be there anymore. She declines the rose and exits the mansion. As for the rest of the ladies, below is a list of all those who did and didn't get a rose.


Received Roses




Caila (One-on-One Date Rose)





JoJo (Group Date #1 Rose)



Lauren B

Lauren H


Olivia (Group Date #2 Rose)




Did Not Receive a Rose


LB (did not accept a rose)



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