S20 E08 Week 7: Warsaw, Indiana

02/15/16 | TV-14 | CC

Ben’s hometown of Warsaw, IN rolls out the red carpet for him and the remaining six women. This visit gives the ladies a little insight into who Ben is and what a future with the Bachelor might be like. But Ben faces his most difficult decision yet as he decides which bachelorettes’ hometowns he will visit. Who receives a coveted rose? Who is sent home rose-less? Keep reading!

Lauren B. accompanies Ben to a local youth center where he spent a lot of time volunteering when he was younger. The couple shoots baskets with the kids, but when Indiana Pacers’ superstar Paul George and George Hill pay a surprise visit to the center to face off with the young hoopsters, they take the excitement to another level. Still Ben needs Lauren B. to answer some serious allegations that Leah shared with him. Lauren is not only able to defend herself, but she quickly realizes that she’s in love with Ben.

JoJo and Ben travel to Chicago for a wonderful day at famed Wrigley Field, the home of Ben’s beloved Chicago Cubs. A romantic dinner in the middle of center field enables JoJo to open up about her past relationships and her fear of being hurt again.

The one group date of the week produces the only date rose – and the only woman guaranteed a hometown date. Amanda, Becca and Caila spend a fun-filled day with Ben on a farm. After spending some quality time with each woman, Ben offers his rose to Amanda, leaving Becca and Caila in tears. Ben takes Amanda to special surprise dinner, and later, to a carnival filled with local well-wishers.

It’s time for the last one-on-one date of the week. Emily is simultaneously thrilled and nervous when she learns that she will meet Ben’s parents. The couple spends the afternoon with the two most important people in Ben’s life. By the end of the date, however, it’s clear they don’t have a future together. Ben sends Emily home without a rose. 

Then, in one of the most emotionally charged rose ceremonies of the season, Ben is faced with the toughest decision he has had to make so far.  The shocking results leave the four women who will move on to take Ben home to meet their families. 

Roses Received

Amanda (Group Date Rose)



Lauren B.

No Rose Offered



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