S20 E09 Week 8: Hometown Dates

02/22/16 | TV-14 | CC

Buckle up! It’s time for The Bachelor recap for Season 20, Week 8. Ben is headed to the hometowns of all his remaining ladies. Time to meet the families!

Amanda’s Hometown Date: Ben heads to beautiful Laguna Beach, California to meet Amanda’s family. There’s some smooching on the sand before her kids meet up with them at the beach. It’s a sweet, tear-filled reunion between mother and daughters. Ben plays with the kids for a bit before they make their way back to meet Amanda’s family. He knows they are all going to be extra-protective of her.

Mom and Dad wonder if Ben is ready to be an instant father. The Bachelor is young, but also fairly mature. Dad lays things out for Ben. There’s a lot of responsibility that goes along with being a stepdad. Ben realizes this and it’s not something he takes lightly. At the end of a long, amazing day, Amanda admits that she’d be crushed if she were to go home this week.

Lauren B’s Hometown Date: Ben heads to Portland, Oregon to meet up with Lauren B. who admits that she’s already in love with him. The two of them dine on fine cuisine at some of Portland’s finest food trucks. They head in a whiskey library for a little romantic down time before meeting the family. Ben breaks down in tears as he tells Lauren’s sister that he feels really lucky. There’s still concern that Lauren will get hurt.

Lauren’s dad wants to know how his daughter is different from all the other girls Ben has met. He’s concerned about making a commitment after such a short period of time. Ben admits that it’s tough talking to all the dads of all his ladies. At the end of an emotional hometown visit, Lauren decides that now is not the time to tell Ben that she’s in love with him.

Caila’s Hometown Date: Ben heads to Hudson, Ohio to meet Caila for their hometown date. They head out to the local high school. That’s the first place Caila truly felt at home. She and Ben share a sweet kiss on a bench outside the school. The next stop is to the toy factory her father runs where they build a toy house that they designed. At the end of the day, Ben carries Caila out of the factory in a true Officer and a Gentleman moment.

Caila’s mom wants to know what sparked Ben’s interest in her daughter. A conversation that was had in the Bahamas is mentioned. It was all about honesty. Ben speaks about the fear he has of not having his love reciprocated. Caila admits to her dad that she knows that this is it. She’s in love. Caila wants to say “I love you” but holds back on doing so at the end of the night.

JoJo’s Hometown Date: It’s time to head down to Texas to meet up with JoJo and her family in Dallas. Flowers are waiting on JoJo’s doorstep when she arrives home. They aren’t from Ben though. They are from JoJo’s ex, Chad. An intense phone call takes place just as Ben makes his way towards the house. JoJo comes clean about the roses she received. She makes it clear that she called her ex to end it with him. Ben wishes he could have been there to support her.

JoJo’s brothers are very protective of her. Ben admits that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen, but says that what he’s feeling is very real. The brothers aren’t convinced that their sister won’t get hurt. They are pretty unrelenting in their attack on Ben, who admits this wasn’t the hometown date he would have liked.

The Rose Ceremony: Ben lets the remaining ladies know that the hometown dates helped him realize why each one of them means so much to him. Then he proceeds to hand out roses to Lauren B, Caila and JoJo. That means that Amanda’s journey has come to an end. She tells Ben that she wishes he would have told her things weren’t going to move forward after the hometown date if he knew then. Ben admits that he didn’t know and was still processing things. Then he says goodbye. As for the relationships he has with the remaining ladies, those will all play out next time in Jamaica.

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